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Z-Type: Play and improve your speed with the keyboard

We have already discussed online resources and courses on several occasions that can help us improve our typing speed. Just search to find dozens of useful links for those looking to boost productivity at the time of writing, though few of them are related to the games category.

That’s why we want to expand the list with Ztype, a simple game that allows us to earn points as we write the words that appear on the screen. These words fall at different speeds as a ship has to shoot at the letters that compose them, one shot for each key pressed.

Play Z-Type and improve your typing speed with the keyboard

Enjoy and improve your typing speed and with the Z-Type game, a simple typing shooter game, the mechanics are similar to the old Asteroids game.

Z-Tipe is a free flash game and requires no registration. To play, you need to completely type the word or letter to destroy the enemy ship.

During the game, if an enemy ship manages to reach the bottom of the screen, the game is lost. The game is simple and fun, no skills are needed, just type a word quickly.

It will also be possible to play with words of any language. Just choose an internet page with words in the desired language, press Load your own text on the game page, copy and paste the link of the previously chosen page. At this point the game will analyze all the words on the page and insert them in the next game.

Very useful if we want to take a little break from work, plus I can assure you that it significantly increases the typing speed with the keyboard. Here is the link to play Z-Tipe

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