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Your age and weight in the other planets of the solar system

Do you want to know how much you would weigh on other planets or what your age would be? If you have a Java-enabled browser, you can take a look at your age on other worlds site, a page in the San Francisco Exploratorium that allows you to calculate your age on other planets in the solar system, including Pluto.

The farther a planet is from the Sun, the longer it takes to make a complete revolution around it, so your age in years of each of the planets decreases from a maximum on Mercury to a minimum on Pluto; no human has ever completed a Neptunian or Plutonian year, and not all of them make it to Uranus.

But the most peculiar thing is that of the days you lived on Mercury and Venus, because their rotation is very slow. In the first, a day lasts 58.6 earth days against 87.97 which last a year, while on Venus one day lasts 243 earth days against 224.7 which its year lasts: it can be said that on Venus one day lasts longer. one year; it is the longest day in the solar system.

All other planets, except Pluto, which since 2006 is no longer a planet, at least not for the International Astronomical Union, have shorter days than Earth’s.

Planet          Rotation period     Revolution period
Mercury58.6 days87.97 days
Venus243 days224.7 days
Land0.99 days365.26 days
Mars1.03 days1.88 years
Jupiter0.41 days11.86 years
Saturn0.45 days29.46 years
Uranus0.72 days84.01 years
Neptune0.67 days164.79 years
Pluto6.39 days248.59 years


The Exploratorium page will also tell you which day of Earth your next birthday falls on each of the other planets in the solar system, in case you need an excuse to throw a party.

But did you know that if you travel to another planet your weight will vary? So, if you want to feel lighter but don’t have the willpower to eat less, migrating to another world could be a solution. But be careful not to go to the wrong planet, because depending on where you go you could also gain a few pounds.

First of all, you need to distinguish between weight and mass, two concepts that get confused very easily. Weight is the extent to which gravity pulls bodies to the ground and is calculated by multiplying mass by the gravitational factor.

Weight = mass x gravity

Most of you reading this will do so from Earth, a planet where gravity is 9.8 m / s (2). With this data, and your weight, you can calculate what your mass is, something you need to know.

This mass is constant on all planets. Mass is the amount of matter your body makes up and can be solved by the above formula. Also remember that mass is measured in kilograms (kg), while weight is measured in newtons (N). Now let’s take as an example a person who has a mass of 70 kilos.

If Weight = 70 x 9.8 -> Then, 70 x 9.8 = 686 Newtons

Each planet has a different gravity, which depends on its size and density. The larger the size, the greater its gravitational pull. But if the planet is gaseous, gravity will be lower. On a planet like Jupiter, which is about 318 times larger than Earth, but its gravity is only two and a half times higher, because it is so gaseous.

Well, explained this, below is a relationship with the different gravities of all the planets of the Solar System.

Mercury: 3.70 m / s (2) Venus: 8.87 m / s (2) Mars: 3.71 m / s (2) Jupiter: 23.12 m / s (2) Saturn: 8.96 m / s (2) Uranus: 8.69 m / s (2) Neptune: 11 m / s (2) Pluto: 0.81 m / s (2)

We will use the first formula, because by replacing the Gravity of the list we have just seen and the Mass we obtained earlier, we can solve the mystery of how much a 70 kilogram person would weigh.

Mercury: Weight = 70 x 3.71 = 259 N Venus: Weight = 70 x 8.87 = 620.9 N Mars: Weight = 70 x 3.71 = 259.7 N Jupiter: Weight = 70 x 23.12 = 1618.4 N Saturn: Weight = 70 x 8.96 = 627.2 N Unose: Weight = 70 x 8.69 = 608.3 N Neptune: Weight = 70 x 11 = 770 N Pluto: Weight = 70 x 0, 81 = 56.7 N

As you can see, Jupiter has by far the highest gravity, because although it is quite gaseous, it is a huge planet. Something similar happens with Pluto on the contrary, because it is a dwarf and its power of attraction is greatly reduced.

By the way, there was a simpler method, if you then want to easily calculate your weight log into Your Weight On Other Worlds. The procedure is identical to the first site, it will be enough to indicate your body weight to obtain the corresponding values ​​in the other planets.

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