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Where to find all the eBooks we want for free

In this guide we will see where we can find and download Books and eBooks in ePub and Pdf gratris online to read on tablets and eBook Readers.

Each page has its own peculiarities, therefore, to make this list as varied as possible, we have included options that have different search modes, catalogs and favorite genres.

We encourage you to discover the full selection before deciding on a website. You can download ePub mostly for free without registration.

On most of the websites we have included in this list, you can find free books, and all of them are legal, although some combine their free catalog with a selection of paid works.

Likewise, some pages allow you to download instruction manuals, theses, scientific journals, comics or multimedia content.

Reading has increasingly become one of people’s favorite hobbies. Therefore, in this article we propose several web pages to find and download free and legally PDF books, eBooks and ePubs.

What are the best pages to download free books in PDF, ePub and legal formats?

The protection of their works and the rights they have over them is essential for all authors. For this reason we would like to share with you the pages where you can download free ePubs, PDFs or ebooks, all these books are in Italian and, above all, completely legal, so that you can enjoy them all.

Please note that using pages that offer free ePub book downloads in PDF format illegally can have consequences as authors have rights to their books.

When choosing a web page to download free books without registration, you need to take into account several things: first, the desired format (ePub, eBook, Kindle, PDF, Mobi); then, the device on which you will read the works; finally, the genre you are looking for.

Next, we show you the best websites to download free books in all PDF and ePub, Kindle, eBook and totally legal formats.

Amazon Books

While part of its collection isn’t free, there is another that is and that allows you to send books directly to your Kindle. On a social level, it is one of the most appreciated, since there are virtual reading communities, where it is possible to comment on the works read and assign them an evaluation. Now, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can read hundreds of free Kindle books with  Prime Reading.

Google Books

Google makes available to all Internet users a section of free books (Top Free) that can be downloaded and read from the device browser (after logging in to your Google account and paid 0 euro) or through the Google application. Play Books to read books on Android phones and tablets.


ZLibrary is a website where you can find free books in English, Italian and many other languages. It allows you to convert and download directly to your ebook. It has a very complete search engine so that you can find all books and formats like PDF, Mobi, doc and ePub for free without registration, but you can register and donate if you wish.


It is one of the most accessible options, as it has a filter system to easily find what we want. In this sense, we can search by category or language. If you haven’t decided on a site yet, we recommend this page, as it includes a section of tips from the editors.

You can find all formats, free ePub, Movi, PDF and Kindle. But to download books for free,  you need to register (don’t ask for a credit card).


It has an extraordinarily large collection (more than 50,000 achievements) classified, among other things, according to its origin. There is a section of works in Italian. You can find free books in almost any format, Pdf, Word, Html, Txt, Rtf, Chm, free ePub.


The Kobo digital book platform also provides Internet users with a good (quantitative) collection of digital books for 0 euros. All you have to do is enter your page, log into your search engine and sort the results by “lowest to highest price”. In order to read the book it is necessary to register on the platform.


Project integrated in the Wikimedia project and whose goal is to make textbooks, manuals, tutorials or other pedagogical texts with free content and free access available to anyone.

Find and download eBooks using Emule

Thanks to our mule, to all users who use it and share their files, we have practically all the existing eBooks available, very often even those of recent release.

Just use the integrated “search” of the software in question and we are ready to download thousands of PDF files. Let’s take an example. Let’s try to find “the da vinci code” one of Dan Brown’s books. Here is the result of the research:

If the search does not bring any results, try to repeat it by selecting “archive” in the choice of file type, eBooks are often found in zipped archives.

For an even more in-depth search that very often leads to excellent results, select Kad Rete when choosing the search method. Here you can find a guide to configuring and downloading Emule.

One more resource, to squeeze our Emule even more, we can find it in those sites that host, manage and share emule ed2k links within them.

The list of the best sites dealing with these files can be found here. Their eBook sections host hundreds and hundreds of books.

You just have to buy yourself a good eBook reader, get comfortable and enjoy endless hours of relaxing reading. To read them all I think that three lives would not be enough, so I would say that we can be satisfied.


As you have seen, downloading free books in formats like PDF, free epub, eBook, Kindle, etc … is much easier than it looks. You just have to be clear on the type of book we are looking for and find it in the different pages we have recommended.

Remember the importance of reading, both physical and digital, to expand your knowledge and transport you to that other world that only readers can visit.

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