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What do the initials in video files: TC, TS, CAM, LC, MD…

It will often happen to you when downloading movies or videos, via torrent, emule or directly from websites, to find strange acronyms within their name (CAM, MD, LD, STV, SUBBED and others…)

With this post, we summarize what are the common acronyms that you find next to the title of the film and their meaning.

We will see the acronyms used for video, those for audio, for the image format and those that give other types of indications.


BDRip – BRRip: Indicates that the video was taken from a BluRay source. Most of the time, however, the quality is almost the same as that of DVDRips. VOTO Quality 8

CAM: the video was taken with an amateur camera, low quality. VOTE Quality 4 

DTTRip: video recorded from a digital terrestrial channel. VOTE quality 6.5.

DVD RIP: The video source is from a DVD, the quality is still good. VOTE Quality 7

DVD SCR: The video source comes from a DVD and are usually the promotional copies that are sent by the majors to the critics and censors before the theatrical release, the quality is very good, there may be black and white scenes. VOTE Quality 7 1/2

FS: full screen video

HDTV RIP: High Definition Video Recorded: Excellent Quality VOTE Quality 8

HQ: high quality video. Quality rating 8.

PD TV / SAT RIP / DVBRip: video recorded by satellite TV, excellent quality VOTE 6.5

A5: The video quality of an R5 is equal to that of a DVD, it can also contain subtitles. If it has the wording LINE.ITALIAN it is in Italian, otherwise in some Asian or Russian language. VOTE Quality 7.

A6: Asian video.

TS: The camera used to shoot is professional and is always fixed. VOTO Quality 5 1/2

TC: good quality compared to TS and CAM. VOTE Quality 7

TV RIP: ripping similar to SAT RIP, only quality may vary. VOTE 6 1/2

VHS RIP: video taken from videotape. Variable quality VOTE Quality 6

VHSSCR: Video from a VHS videotape. Quality rating 6.

WS: WideScreen video (i.e. 16/9)


AAC: High quality audio encoding, Quality rating 8

AC3: Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Quality rating 8

DD (Digital Dubbed): Audio from DTS cinema discs. This type of audio may no longer be reproducible, quality rating 7 1/2

DSP: The audio is taken from digital processor, so it is better than LD and MD which are audio taken from cinemas. If a number is given, for example 2.1, it is the version of the DSP. Quality rating 7.5

DTS: Audio from DTS2 discs Quality rating 8

Out of Synchro: lack of sync between audio and video. The footage is almost often extremely poor.

LC: acronym for Low-Complexity, an audio compression format used for low bitrates. Quality rating 7

LD: The audio was taken via the jack connected to the camera. Vote quality 7

MD: Audio was taken via microphone Quality rating 4

MP3: MP3 audio compression codec used. Quality rating 7.5

XViD: It is the indication of the type of codec used for compression.


720p: 1280 x 720 pixel resolution video.

1080p: 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution video.

FS: Full Screen video format, 4: 3 ratio.

INTERNAL: Audio imperfections.

LIMITED: video not yet on the market or released in a few cinemas.

PROPER: fixed version of a previous video that had audio and / or video issues.

STV: Video released only on television, never in cinemas.

SUBBED: subtitled.

TMA, TNZ, SILENT, TLS, GBM, FSH, REV, TRL, UPZ: these are names of crews (groups of people) who ripped the file and shared online.

UNRATED: Uncensored.

WEBRip: Video taken from video sharing sites such as Youtube or Vimeo.

WS: Wide Screen video format, 16: 9 aspect ratio.

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