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Websites to create a logo for a company or web site

Today I bring you some fantastic sites that are totally free and that will help you design the free logo your business needs, whether you don’t have one yet or if you want to renew your website’s current logo.

The company logo is an important part of any business. It is often the first thing the customer sees on your business card or website. The company logo is the face of your brand.

To create company or website logos, you can spend some money on hiring a graphic designer or you can use a free online logo generator.

I have found many pages that help you design your company logo for free, and I have selected the ones that I think are the best, some for the variety of designs, others for the number of options to modify and also for their simplicity.

The best sites to design and create logos online

If you want to save a few dollars and do it yourself, you can use these free or affordable and easy-to-use websites, which provide tools to create a logo directly online.


Well known website for generating different types of designs, but today we will focus solely on the templates they have for logos. They have a great variety , from the most minimalist to very colorful logos. They’ve separated them by business sector categories, so it’s easier to spot them. We find sections such as art and design, fashion, gastronomy and drinks, education …

In most of them text predominates, with very colorful characters. You can change the colors, fonts, shapes and figures and even add new items from a huge catalog. Using the drag and drop system is, without a doubt,  one of the best  websites to design your logo for free.


It relies on  absolute simplicity to offer you your logo for free. When you open the web you have a large text field where you are invited to enter your company name. When you click “Get Started”, the website automatically generates   many logos based on its templates, with your company name already localized. 

You can select the one you like best and then edit it. You can change the icon, the texts, the colors and add some basic elements like arrows, lines, frames, pictograms and other figures. It is very easy to use, even in drag and drop format, and  very intuitive .


Another great page to get a free logo. Its operation as soon as you enter the web is similar to that of Logogenio: it asks you to enter the name of the company and gives you a series of logos already created with the name of your brand. 

The  design  they have when they offer the logo is very striking, as it is a list in the form of strips where you can see how the logo would look in different colors and shapes and you can see if it would look good on different stationery products, such as a paper. letters or business cards. 

If the ones that come out at first don’t convince you, click Show more logos and you’ll have other options until you find the one you like the most. You can, if you prefer, choose the  colors that interest you and the desired style at the top , according to the different sectors.


On their website as soon as you enter they tell you that you can create your logo for free in under a minute. And it is true that in just three clicks you can already have a logo designed. The first step is to enter the company or brand name, the second to choose a category and the third to select an image from those offered in that specific category.

There are countless images available. Once you have the logo already generated, you can use the simple editor they have, where they will allow you to change the font, the colors of each of the parts or the size. Simple, fast and very useful to have a good free logo in a few steps.


Like the previous ones, Logotype Maker asks you for the name of the company as soon as you enter its website. Once that is done, it directly shows you 7 logo designs to choose from.

In the menu that appears on the left, it already offers you customization options, such as selecting the category or company colors. Once you have selected one of the designs, you can edit it in the editor, where you have the option to change the colors, sizes and shapes, as well as the fonts.


Let’s finish with one of the most basic to create a free logo, as the name suggests is based on simplicity, giving you several options to create the logo without complications. You have a very simple menu, where you can choose text, shape or color, from a list that is not very large, compared to the other websites we have shown you, but very suitable if you are a person with decision-making skills.

You will simply have to select each of the items you want to add in the menu below and use the color button to change it to your liking. You will also be able to move elements in the palette you work in, as well as change the size or add new elements. You can also, if you click on the option to select the color, draw by hand, as is done with the Paint pencil.

There are many websites dedicated to the free design of your logo, each with its own peculiarities and all useful. Whatever you use, you are sure to get the optimal design for your business or brand. What is the one you like?

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