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Websites to change the format of all types of files

Sometimes we find files that are not readable by our computers or mobile devices. Files with a format that is not compatible with our computer programs or applications and also files that are not in the format we like to write, see, hear or read.

Changing the format of a computer file can “scare” the vast majority of people. Not knowing how to convert or if it will be difficult, fear of damaging the file or not knowing the free and safe online tools that allow file conversion are the main fears a person can have.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to this problem thanks to the different online tools that allow file conversion that anyone can use.

Leaving aside the fears and possible reluctances, I would like to present a series of websites where you can change the format of all types of files. Online tools, both free and paid, where you can quickly change the format of a document, the format of a video or audio, or the format of an electronic book.

Online file converters that combine the ability to change the format of a wide variety of files that are very safe and easy to use.

Sites to change the format of all types of files online

Online Convert

Online Convert edit multimedia files online, free and fast without installing any software. This online file converter allows you to easily and quickly convert media files from one format to another. 

It offers support for a wide variety of input formats: audio, document, video, e-book, image, file converter … The most popular conversions of this service are PDF to WORD, MP4 to MP3, PNG to JPG, JPG to PDF, MOV to MP4, PDF to JPG …


Converter365 is a free online converter for over 1,000 formats. With three simple steps each file can be converted to another related format. Among its most outstanding conversions would be the conversion of images, audios, videos, documents, files, e-books, presentations. The most popular converters are usually the ones that change the format to MP3, PDF, DOC, JPG, HEIC, AAC, PPT, etc.


AnyConv offers a 100% free online file conversion tool. It’s the easiest way to convert your files online, without having to download and install any programs on your computer. 

With its web services you can convert documents, images, audio and video files, electronic books and archives. Their file converter is capable of processing files up to 50MB. By the way, it allows users more than 300 combinations of output file formats. AnyConv online converter keeps your files private and deletes them after conversion.


Convertio supports more than 25,600 different conversions between more than 300 different file formats. Its conversion is fast and easy to use; drag your files onto the page, choose an output format and click the Convert button 

All conversions happen in the cloud and don’t consume any capacity on your computer. By the way, they delete uploaded files immediately and converted files after 24 hours. Nobody has access to your files and privacy is 100% guaranteed. It allows you to convert audio, files, videos, fonts, images, e-books, documents …


CloudConvert is an online file converter that supports almost any audio, video, document, e-book, file, image, spreadsheet or presentation format. This web tool is your Swiss army knife for file conversions and you don’t need to download and install any software.


Zamzar easily converts documents, images, videos and sounds into over 1,200 supported formats. No software to download, just select your file, choose a format to convert and that’s it. Your goal is to complete all conversions in under 10 minutes.

Aconvert convert various types of PDFs, documents, e-books, images, icons, videos, audio and compressed files online. Reportedly, the “A” in the domain name stands for “ALL”, so you may not be able to resist converting any file. You can click the transition button in the upper right corner to start the quick conversion, you don’t need to enter the directory. 

Directly select the source documents and target formats, then click the “Start Conversion” button to quickly start the conversion. By the way, batch files can be converted. Just click the “Add File” button to add one or more files, select the target format, then click the “Convert Now” button to batch convert.


DocsPal is a free online file converter that supports all types of documents, videos, audios, images, e-books. The maximum size allowed for an image, document or e-book is 50 MB, while a file, video or audio can have a maximum size of 200 MB.

All uploaded files are stored on their servers until conversions are complete, after which they are automatically deleted.

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