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The meaning of the heart emojis based on their color

Here is a guide that will help you to know the meanings of heart emojis based on their color in WhatsApp.

It is no secret to anyone that there are a large number of emojis and each one has a meaning, however, one of the icons most used by people in the world is the heart emoji. And in case you are wondering, there is more than one color, specifically there are 10 different colored hearts.

Red, orange, green, yellow, blue, purple, white, brown and even black are the different shades in which you can find this cute emoji. But don’t get confused, even if it’s the same image, its meaning varies.

What does each of the hearts of WhatsApp mean?

Below, you can see a list with the 10 heart emojis divided according to their color.

Each color has a meaning associated with a feeling or state of mind, such as love, passion or sadness, which is why they have become a new medium of expression, especially among younger users. From now on you will know that there is one for every occasion.

Red heart

The first of the hearts and certainly the most used of all, is the red one. And although it may seem obvious, we tell you that surely, this shade is linked to passion, affection and romance.

This is why it is usually used in moments when you want to express a very strong feeling towards another person. However, it needs to be clarified, that it can also be used to denote a strong friendship or deep bond between people.

Orange heart

This heart is usually used to represent, like the color red, love. However, it is not the same thing, since in this case we refer to a love in a less profound way, being able to relate it to the love of friendship and not that of courtship or marriages.

Green heart

The green color used in the heart is more related to nature and health, being a clear example for those people who have a love for the environment and are passionate about flora and fauna.

Now, this is not its only meaning, since it can also be related to the sentimental field and couple relationships, expressing jealousies and even problems in the relationship. Some also see it as a symbol of reconciliation, faith and hope.

Yellow heart

The color yellow in these emojis is used to show a pure and sincere feeling, the kind that comes from the bottom of the heart. That is why, when you feel tremendous happiness, friendship or joy, a yellow heart can give an even more special touch to the moment.

Blue heart

The blue heart in WhatsApp is a representation of a platonic love, stability, trust, loyalty and even eternal friendship between people. But don’t worry, as that’s not the only thing it’s associated with.

It is very common today to use this heart for lovers of water sports, affection between male friends, to promote awareness actions on autism or Asperger’s syndrome, and in many cases the devotion to material objects or fantasies beyond out of the ordinary.

Purple heart

It is a heart that symbolizes affection and care for others. It is very common to see it in celebrations such as Mother’s Day and even to strengthen the love between parents and children.

Even so, for lovers of trends and fashion, the purple color is related to glamor and wealth, so your outfit today deserves a purple heart. Although it is also used to accompany kawaii, cuddly and adorable messages.

White heart

The white heart is one of those emojis that cannot yet be given a specific meaning. Being such a pure color it can be given a very varied connotation.

However, many people consider this heart to be a symbol of love for friends. However, a very valuable and quite related point would be that it is meant to demonstrate the spiritual aspects and to highlight the faith of believers.

Brown heart

Although not one of the most used in WhatsApp, this heart is linked to the earth, nature and the environment. For this reason it is an excellent companion for defenders of the planet and the environment.

However, it could be used as a symbol of good wishes and also as a representation of your desire to start a family. Even so, many people use it on holidays such as Valentine’s Day, as they represent the famous heart-shaped chocolates so characteristic of this celebration.

Black Heart

Black has always been linked to elegance, but also to darkness, pain and mourning. In any case, depending on the context, you can use it for a moment of black or twisted humor, such as to express a moment of sadness, pain and suffering, such as grieving the loss of a loved one, or simply to express what you are going through a gray day.

Broken heart

Used to express the pain or suffering felt after losing a love due to a romantic or sentimental betrayal or rejection. The broken heart symbolizes heartbreak.

Now that you know the meanings of heart emojis based on their popular color, you can use them correctly in your chats or conversations, giving them the perfect connotation for any situation.

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