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The DVD screensaver becomes a Google Easter egg

One of the most famous screensavers in history has reached the Google search engine in the form of a “hidden trick”. Let’s see how to activate it.

The Google search engine has a new Easter Egg, and this time it is inspired by a classic screensaver that many will remember, both for having used a DVD player in the past and for having seen a certain episode of The Office series.

It was one of the Google Search engineers who, on his Twitter profile, talked about the inclusion of this new easter egg that will appear in the search engine after searching for “dvd screensaver” and waiting a few seconds.

How to activate DVD screensaver in Google search engine

After so many years, it is no longer surprising that Google has introduced an easter egg on one of its platforms. After all, Android has been hiding several minigames for years, and the same goes for the rest of the company’s services.

On this occasion, Google decided to replicate one of the most popular screensavers in history within the search engine.

In fact, when you search for the phrase “dvd screen saver” through the web search engine (it also works with Italian words but only in the computer version) and wait a few seconds, the Google logo will start to move on the screen and bounce off the walls.

Just like the original DVD player screensaver, whenever the google logo bounces off the edge of the screen, it will change color between blue, red, yellow and green. There will be no way to stop the movement unless the tab is closed.

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