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The best free online multiplayer most played

We want to take this opportunity to bring you this list of the top 10 online multiplayer games (also known as MMOs) that you can play for free.

And these are not just games with no monthly fee, in which case the list would change, but we have chosen to list only those titles that we can play for free by simply downloading and installing them.

Since the days of World of Warcraft, developers have been looking for the best way to monetize massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Some titles, such as Final Fantasy XIV Online, maintain a monthly subscription, while others, such as The Elder Scrolls Online, charge a flat fee for each expansion.

However, most of the games in this genre are free and monetized with in-game purchases and additional content packs. This is our list of the best free MMORPG games.

10 online multiplayer games to play for free on PC

While all of the titles we select feature microtransactions in one form or another (unavoidable when it comes to MMORPGs), you can still download and play a good portion of each game without breaking the bank. Additionally, we’ve only included MMOs that continue to receive updates and support from their developers.

Phantasy Star Online 2

After years and years of waiting, Phantasy Star Online 2 has finally arrived in the West in 2020 officially, after a period of beta. The Phantasy Star series as a whole has always been popular with RPG fans, and the first title had a dedicated player base at the time, making the wait for the sequel even more heartbreaking. Fortunately, about eight years later, Phantasy Star Online 2 arrived and, despite some technical glitches, it is as good as we expected. Plus, it’s completely free.

Taking more notes from the main series than from other MMOs, Phantasy Star Online 2 is not a completely open world, but instead uses large central areas that you can travel between. The missions are then received in a central location and then you travel to one of several worlds to complete your objective. The gameplay is very much about action, with lots of weapons and play styles to experiment with. And aside from the class system, you can equip up to three weapons at the same time, giving you variety and versatility. Additionally, attacks are performed in real time, allowing you to perform combos that deal additional damage. This makes it one of the most satisfying MMOs to play.

The story of the game: You are an agent of Artificial Relict to Keep Species, also known as ARKS, a group tasked with venturing into new planets and destroying any sign of the dark forces of Falspawn. However, honestly, history isn’t what makes this one of the most popular MMOs on the market today. You don’t need to know anything about the previous games and don’t even pay much attention to this one. The star here is in-game combat, as well as some exciting and unique mission types like flagship missions, which are server-level events that you need to experience for yourself to fully understand the excitement they bring.

Guild Wars 2

Second only to the World of Warcraft series, Guild Wars 2 is one of the most critically acclaimed mass multiplayer games, with a 90 percent on Metacritic and 90 percent on GameRankings.com. While in popularity it will never beat Goliath of Blizzard games, it does many things better than WoW and without charging a monthly subscription.

The fluid combat system provides an excellent counterpart to the rigid, role-based combat that Blizzard started with the Diablo series and built with WoW. While it lacks the depth and difficulty that forces players to work together in challenging raid environments, Guild Wars 2 encourages players to collaborate as they see fit, with PvE (player versus environment) content that doesn’t necessarily require a tank or healer. for example.

The Gem Store allows ArenaNet, the game developer, to continue to take advantage of and create new content and new players to join at no cost. Special events and other updates have also added additional content, such as mounts, story events, challenges and weapons.


Trion Worlds Rift looks like a copy of World of Warcraft, but why reinvent the wheel if you want a great MMORPG? It was one of the most stable and expansive games when it launched in 2011, with amazing environments, extraordinarily elaborate characters, and gameplay from the best of its kind.

Although the first few missions are flat, the game becomes more interesting as the story progresses and begins to close the sporadic dimensional rifts, unleashing a wave of demonic beings across the vast landscapes.

The best feature of the Rift is a flexible and enveloping system. Players start by choosing one of two rival factions, Guardians or Defiant, followed by one of three races and a standard archetype: Mage, Unscrupulous, Priest, or Warrior. Additionally, players take three souls at a time, which function as subclasses, and develop their character using an elaborate skill tree. This level of customization adds to the strategy and makes cooperative dungeons much more dynamic and intriguing. The learning curve is steep, even after level 50, but the originality is there.

Rift launched for free in 2013, but a Starfall Prophecy expansion was introduced in 2016, with additional content available only to subscribers. However, he was later renamed Ahnket’s Prophecy and set free again. Since then, it continues to be updated with additional content.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

If it comes to the best free MMORPG games, a must is BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Any game incorporated into the Star Wars universe is a huge task, considering the devotees of the franchise, but SWTOR’s noisy script and dialogue are excellent, supported by specific narratives and a wealth of contextual background that any fan will admire. The images are well crafted and users can easily customize the graphics settings to suit a wide range of platforms.

The mechanics of the game consist of timed battles with hotkeys and offers a variant in the form of space combat on rails and player versus player confrontation zones (PvP).

Even though it’s online, SWTOR is a nice solo experience. Players choose between one of the two factions, Republic or Empire, and select one of the four classes. If you choose the Republic, you will have access to Smuggler, Soldier, Jedi Knight and Jedi Consul, while the Empire offers options for being a Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent and Sith Inquisitor.

Flashpoints, SWTOR’s equivalent of cooperative dungeons, offer some of the most rewarding and challenging games in the entire Star Wars universe, launching players on Republic warships and distant imperial prisons as they fight alongside others in an effort to complete objectives in exchange for valuable loot.

Although SWTOR was released more than five years ago, BioWare continues to produce content and released the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion in late 2016. Then an expansion called Onslaught was released in 2019, adding a new story that puts the Galactic Republic in conflict. with the Sith Empire, the world of Onderon, a special Flashpoint activity and an operation to complete with friends.


TERA has one of the most dynamic and fun fighting systems on the list of the best free MMORPG games. It offers a wide variety of characters and classes, from the giant Amani to the adorable Popori, each of which is accompanied by a familiar set of classes available for all races.

Environments are dazzling and bright, with lush views and vast plains, and character models are a joy to look at, regardless of your car’s graphics settings.

While the general research and creation dynamics in the early hours of TERA are standard, the aforementioned combat mechanics seem very different than the inactive combat that characterizes most MMORPGs.

The game requires the user to engage in a variety of maneuvers while dodging and hitting opponents. The result feels more like a third-person shooter than a World of Warcraft-style game. Hunting and eradicating “big monsters” along with companions is exciting, as are group dungeons, although the events and missions are loosely connected by a story arc that hardly qualifies as mundane. However, add-ons like in-game choices and open-world PvP add enough individual talent to make TERA a world of its own.

A 2014 update raised the level cap from 60 to 65 and added several zones, all of which are free. Two new classes have also been added, while smaller updates are regularly released, such as dungeons, battlefields and abilities for all 11 classes.

Lord of the Rings Online

Like SWTOR, JRR Tolkien’s world around Middle-earth has been greatly consolidated in popular culture thanks to Peter Jackson’s feature films. Fortunately, Lord of the Rings Online contains a lot of content from Tolkien’s work, things the movies have never touched, and his cartoonish images color the rich environments of Middle-earth.

The places you’ll visit are as diverse and eclectic as in the books, from snow-capped peaks to rolling hills, and the crafting tools allow players to approach the story as a hobbit, human, dwarf or elf. The classes are equally diverse, from thieves and hunters to guardians, but the selection is specific to your race.

With multiple expansions, the game has undergone substantial changes since its initial release in 2007, however the core mechanics and gameplay remain largely the same.

The most recent expansion, Minas Morgul, arrived in late 2019 and adds a new race, the Stout-ax Dwarves, two new regions, a new raid, increased levels, the Black Book of Mordor, and new adventures.

Character progression and PvP combat are limited, but additional elements like actions and Monster Play, which essentially allow you to play the role of one of Sauron’s minions, add more depth to the game’s seemingly simple approach. LOTRO is often called a World of Warcraft scam, and it can be in many ways, but it’s a hard argument to make when much of the latter MMORPG was likely inspired by the immersive world of the former.


With bases and a combat system based on the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) universe, Neverwinter presents itself as one of the best options for RPG lovers. However, its strengths don’t end there, with an impressive setting, unique combat mechanics, and a very well-designed difficulty curve.

The game, initially released in 2013 for PC but also available on Xbox One and PS4, features 10 PvE campaigns and a dedicated PvP campaign for players. While Neverwinter takes a linear approach, fluid and dark combat is fantastic, especially for Xbox One and PS4, where the game’s aversion to social interaction and elements of traditional RPGs seem less overwhelming.

While the game’s performance can be boosted if you’re in high-end areas on a low-end console or PC, the game features excellent magical effects and sound design, two underrated aspects of fantasy games that can make or break the your immersion in the experience.

While it lacks communication channels and an expensive in-game store, Neverwinter is a fast-paced game that offers a different feel than most of the MMOs on our list.

We can find Neverwinter Online from its official website, as well as download and play it via Steam and with the joint use of its own launcher.

Dungeons and Dragons Online

For the most part, Dungeons and Dragons has always been the board game we hid for fear of being excluded. However, despite teething problems, the city of Stormreach has never been more attractive. Loosely based on the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 ruleset, Dungeons and Dragons Online is a highly customizable game.

With more classes than any other title, the character creation tools allow you to experience a dynamic multiclass system where your character can effortlessly combine skill sets. While the latest updates are largely customized for party instances, the solo options are becoming extremely solid, especially if you can afford to pick one or two NPCs (non-player characters) to support you.

Let’s be honest though: DDO, released in 2006, doesn’t hold up against the most recent and updated titles, especially in terms of visual fidelity. While it’s not an eyesore, it doesn’t contain the polygonal depth and vibrant detail of new MMOs like Tera. Still, the game is captivating, fueled by story-based raids and dungeons that revolve around Stormreach’s endless defense.


With titles like City of Heroes and the first Guild Wars, Korean developer NCSoft knows what MMORPGs are. Aion is a great undertaking, rooted in a post-cataclysmic world that has been torn apart by two conflicting races.

Players start by selecting from either Asmodians or Elyos, each with six distinct classes that are split into two more when you reach level 10. The research and crafting systems are linear, often requiring you to move between breaks and recruit other players. for the most populated areas.

Aion’s real focus lies in its ability to balance the PvE and PvP components (player versus environment and player versus player, respectively). Combat is fast and responsive, relies on chain attacks and a good number of buttons, and incorporates flight mechanics that are truly unique to the genre.

Although most of the regions are designated as no-fly zones, players can glide from any elevated take-off point. Aion is a beautiful and beautiful title from the start, although it does take some getting used to. Additional seasonal events and stories should give you a reason to come back, even in between major content updates. If you just want to create your own team or collect animals, you will find something great to pass the time.

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online was released shortly after launch in 2011, but the game still offers as much MMO fun as it did when it was a premium game. Based on the superheroes and fictional villains of the DC Universe, players begin by creating a character from scratch or one inspired by Superman or Batman, among others. The rest takes place in RPG mode, with stereotypical kill and collect missions scattered around Metropolis and Gotham City, as well as dungeons that break the routine.

Well-designed cities, NPCs (non-player characters) and other elements also enjoy the comic overtones you’d expect, though the visuals aren’t photorealistic either. Combat is fast too, whether you’re engaged in heated PvP (player versus player) battles or late game raids.

Players can expect a steady stream of extended daily missions and additional content once max level is reached. While it’s not without flaws (like voiceover), there’s no better MMORPG for comic book fans or those looking for a solid alternative to fantasy RPGs like Lord of the Rings Online and TERA.

Plus, now is the perfect time to dive into DC Universe Online, as a boss added in October 2019 will allow you to take on a Metal Man-Bat. The rewards you get for completing missions offer tons of alternatives to customize your hero, so you can always stand out.

DC Universe Online is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

World of Tanks

One of the games furthest away from the classic RPG genre, but one that has established itself as one of the largest player communities in the world, with over 110 million registered users. This MMO focuses on a realistic war environment in which we will take command of a large selection of tanks, recreated with high quality graphics and details.

The matches develop quite quickly, with different game modes, historical campaigns, tournaments and some clan battles that will allow us to move and fight across a large global map, where it will balance our skills and knowledge of strategy, diplomacy and economics.

World of Tanks is currently available on PC, compatible with Windows and Mac computers, as well as consoles for Xbox One and PS4, with cross-play between all of its platforms as well.

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