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The best free apps to measure UV solar radiatio

With summer comes the time of year when you can spend more time outside the home in the fresh air, and that means getting more exposure to sunlight than the rest of the year, especially since it is also the time of year in which the duration of the day is longer and, due to the inclination of the earth’s axis, the rays arrive more directly.

Although receiving moderate sunlight can be beneficial, excessive sun exposure can be very harmful, but also not in all places, not at all hours of the day and not for all people the situation is the same. .

Therefore, in addition to the applications that help you find the best beaches, it is also advisable to have one of the following free Android apps that help prevent sunburn.

These are applications that inform about the conditions of solar radiation, acting as a guide when you are outdoors, highly recommended especially to avoid excessive exposure in children, the elderly or for those with a delicate skin condition.

All are updated to provide predicted solar radiation (UV, ultraviolet) information based on time of day and location, but they also add other features. 

App to measure solar radiation from your mobile

In many of these apps to control UV rays there is a menu in which to configure the physical characteristics of the user (gender, eye and hair color, skin tone …) since the effect of solar radiation varies depending on of these features.

UV Index Global

It offers the forecast of the UV radiation index in different locations on the planet, adding a forecast for the next five days. It includes a widget to be able to place the app on the home screen of the smartphone.


Together with a visual indicator in the shape of a watch in which the color varies to express the times of the day with greater and less solar radiation, it adds information on the time in minutes that can pass before suffering burns, depending on the protection (or lack thereof ) which is available. Provides reminders to put sunscreen back on.

UV Index Now

Track the UV Index anywhere in the world with forecasts up to 6 hours. It allows you to calculate your vitamin D intake and gives you an indication, based on your skin tone, on the estimated time spent in the sun before burns can occur. It has a timer for the sun protection effect that reminds you to reapply it. It is compatible with smartwatches that use the Android Wear 2 operating system.


Indicates the most suitable sun protection factor based on the user’s skin type, evaluating the recommended time of exposure to the sun to tan without damage. It also offers updated information in sync with your location via GPS.

Sunface UV Selfie

To check what the effects on the face of prolonged exposure to the sun might be and to raise awareness of moderation when it comes to tanning, this app shows the effects that a lack of protection could have sunbathing.

To do this, the app takes a selfie photo of the user as a sample and applies filters that simulate the effects of skin aging caused by prolonged exposure to the sun without using any protection. These filters add effects that age the face in different time intervals (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years …).

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