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The best coloring apps

Drawing and coloring are very fun activities, but not only for children who can spend hours and hours in front of a blank page, but also for the older ones, who find in these activities a way to relax, for example by painting mandalas.

Among its positive aspects, we can indicate that it improves concentration, increases creativity and improves our self-esteem. Not only that, it is also an excellent therapy for reducing stress and anxiety.

Nowadays, coloring doesn’t require you to spend money to buy colored pencils or coloring books, all you need is a mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection. Here are some of the best coloring apps you can find in the app stores.

The best coloring apps for android

If you don’t have a sheet of paper and your colored pencils at hand, don’t worry because we have numerous applications that allow us to enjoy this fun activity anytime, anywhere.

Paint By Number-Free Coloring Pictures & Puzzles

This iOS and Android application is ideal for adults, as the designs are of an artistic nature. The images are marked with numbers and it will be sufficient to click on a box and choose the appropriate color from the different options that appear in the palette. The app has many categories of designs, as well as special pages with gradient colors.

Colorfy – Coloring Book For Adults – Free

A nice coloring application, particularly suitable for adults, although children can enjoy all its content. With it you can color beautiful floral motifs, animals, drawings, mandalas and much more. Plus, you can create your own color combinations to give that personal touch to the designs. Then you can share your creations with your family and friends through social networks.

A free coloring that does not require internet connection with which you can relax while having fun.

sand: box

A very original Android application, intended for a more childish audience. When you move your finger, sand will begin to fall which you can mix, paint and change color, as well as move around to create different designs and shapes on the screen. Malebog – Numbers Fun Paints

An ideal game of creativity to stimulate the little ones or relax the older ones. This app for iOS and Android offers a large variety of images which, when painted, become very realistic. It also allows you to generate a fast-moving video of the coloring process for sharing on social networks.

Peppa Pig: Paintbox

A drawing and coloring application specially designed for Peppa Pig fans. Collect traditional drawing tools and some magical surprises the little ones will love.

With it you can draw directly on the canvas, or choose a background or a character to color. Peppa and George will appear from time to time to see how you are with the drawing. Once finished, you can make your exhibition at Peppa’s school.

It also includes animated stickers and stickers to make your designs more fun.

Tap Color – Color by Number & Paint by Number!

An application with which you can freely color your modern number-based artworks. You just have to click on the numbers, follow the clues and then fill in with color.

All paintings are designed with great care and will provide a great way to calm down and enjoy hours of fun and relaxation.

So you can quickly send your works to your friends or share them on your social networks.

Coloring book for children

An ideal Android app for the little ones of the house. It’s a simple app, focused on kids learning to differentiate numbers and objects through painting. It has categories like animals, letters, numbers, vegetables, fruits or vehicles. The colors are simple and very showy, specially designed to keep the attention of the little ones alive.

Pigment – Adult Coloring Book

Available for Android and iOS, it’s a full-featured digital art studio with hundreds of brushes, pencils, and a huge selection of coloring tools. It also has an extensive library of works created by digital and professional artists with unique designs and styles.

Color by Numbers – Pixel Art

Pixel Art is the best way to relax and relieve stress and anxiety. You will only have to use two fingers to zoom in on an image until the cells with numbers appear. Select colors from the palette and color the cells with corresponding numbers pixel by pixel.

It offers a wide variety of stunning images and no internet connection is required to color.

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