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The best applications for traveling by camper

If you like to enjoy freedom and have been following our tips for traveling by camper for a long time, you will surely want to make the most of it. For this you can make use of technology, as there are several applications developed especially for motorhome lovers.

In recent years, motorhome travel has become an increasingly popular and facilitated option. Technology, as on other occasions, is also willing to help us on the routes of campers and caravans and that is why we want to show you the apps that cannot be missing to fully experience the adventure of freedom.

Among those who love to travel by camper there are those who usually prepare the routes in moderation but also those who prefer to improvise, but at some point everyone will need to know where to find a parking space for campers to stop and enjoy the landscape, or do a break and take advantage of taking a piece of home with you.

Among all the apps that we are going to get to know, you will surely find something that will be very useful to you.

App for traveling by camper

It doesn’t matter which mobile you own, because the options for motorhomes are prepared for both the iOS and Android operating systems, allowing us to have access to information on any terminal. Let’s start with the applications that collect the information you need to be able to better organize your travels.

Park4night, find a place to spend the night

Motorhome trips need a place to sleep and we don’t always have a well signposted caravan park at our disposal.

That’s why the park4night app can be so important on our motorhome trips. This app will avoid complications and take us directly to the nearest parking.

However, many are those who prefer to  relax in the  midst of nature and  find an ideal place to rest in a caravan .

This app consists of a database created by all users who were encouraged to share the places in nature they visited and were ideal for spending the night in a caravan.

It has many points throughout Europe, which allow us to see photos of the areas, create itineraries and know in detail what we will find when we arrive at the chosen place.

CaraMaps, the interactive and social map for campers

Another alternative available to us to find the ideal place to spend the night in a camper or rest, is CaraMaps.

An app made up of a large community that detailed how their journey and path was up to reaching each of the points on the map, where we can get to know the most recommended camper areas with complete opinions and photos.

An app that goes with any trip to find out where to fill up with water, stop for a quiet meal or spend the night in a caravan without problems.

It also allows us to connect the community and get their opinion on the places we want to visit in real time.


The most beautiful motorhome parking areas at your fingertips. 35,000 RV parks, 58 countries, 300,000 reviews. Its creators are proud to point out that it has the largest database, with more than 50 countries to choose from. You can narrow your search not only by area, but also by price, user ratings, type of service, etc.

It also allows you to have your own filters, mark where you left the camper to return without problems and share information via social networks or email.


An ideal application for a first trip by camper, with information that is updated as other travelers enter details on the places visited, which currently number more than 11 thousand on the portal. You can see which spots are suitable for a technical stop, where to spend the night or even see what the weather will be like over the next few days.

You can search for places to stop near your location, depending on your preferences or the type of services they offer, save them as favorites and access them faster with a single click. to control the whole world offline

Taking into account that  caravan adventures  often make it difficult for us to have a mobile data connection, the app is all we need to get to the desired place on wheels.

In this app we have all the updated details of the maps of practically the entire planet, without worrying about downloading them as happens in Google Maps.

It also offers us external itineraries that go beyond the route by car and offers us a complete GPS guide, with shops or businesses that may interest us.


If you like traveling by camper or caravan you will probably like hiking and nature. AllTrails is an application that allows you to find routes for walking, running, cycling, among others, wherever you go.

There is a free version and a pro version (€ 2.50 / month) with more options. Most applications of this style have more complete paid versions, so we recommend using the free version and if you like it and plan to use it, upgrade to the paid version.

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