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The 15 craziest, weirdest and most incredible sites on the web

If you are tired of browsing the usual websites and looking for something new you are in the right place. Today I present to you a collection of the 15 strangest, never seen, curious and out of the ordinary websites that will give you 10 minutes of fun.

They may not be the most useful you will see in your life, but they are fun, weird, and you never imagined they existed. To translate into Pikachu language or to see cats flying. If you are one of those who waste a lot of time at work.

Most of them are not suitable for epileptics or people who tend to get headaches when they get close to the screen. But others can be a lot of fun.

The 15 strangest and most curious web pages in the world

The internet is practically infinite and we can find everything. When we say everything, we say it consciously. The web is full of content, from the most useful and popular to the strangest and most curious. Apart from the usual websites we visit every day, there are some sites that are created purely for no purpose.

Let’s see the most curious websites that can be accessed from any browser without the need for special knowledge. The 15 we have selected are the following:


Dogs running endlessly in a colorful and suggestive background, what more can we ask for if we are looking for the rarest cobwebs in the world? Old video game music, which also has it. A page that is absolutely useless except to see the dogs running. Mind you, it’s hypnotic.

Cat Bounce!

If the above seemed useless, don’t think this is much more practical. A web page where you will see cats falling and bouncing endlessly. There is nothing else. You can press a button to make the cats rain for a second and that’s it. Cats bounce to the bottom of the page over and over, over and over. Is useful? No, it is useless but it is one of the weirdest websites on the Internet and if you are one of those who are wasting your time you can spend hours looking at it.


A squirrel with a laser gun that you can use to shoot anything that appears. Procrastination fans, here’s your website. If you are one of those who spend hours playing with Google Chrome’s dinosaur when there is no Internet, this squirrel will go straight to your favorites. Choose between the two different squirrels and move the mouse to shoot what appears on the screen.


This website has only one mission: to translate any text into the Pikachu language. Remember that the adorable yellow Pokémon only says Pika Pi Pikachu, so the text will be simple enough but you can have a good laugh. A different translator from the usual ones and one of the strangest websites on the Internet.

Google Fight

This is rare but very useful if you have questions about what is searched the most on Google. Put in two terms or keywords that catch your attention and tap the Fight button. You will see the percentage of searches for both words. No graphs or analytical details but only what is sought the most and which of the two words is the winner.


If you find it hard to say NO, you can do it with this webpage which also has an app format. If you are at work and want to update some humor with your colleagues, keep this webpage handy and press the big blue button that appears in the center. The site itself will take care of saying no for you.


It is not particularly useful but it is curious. This web page uses the Google map view to find buildings that match the phrase or word you want. Write in the box what you want (for example, your name) and it shows you buildings around the world that have that shape and that you can use to form it.

Paper toilet

You can pull the toilet paper until the roll runs out, TV commercial style. Is useful? No. The roll is just finished, but you definitely enjoy pulling the toilet paper pieces to the end.

Console Living Room

With this amazing database it will be possible to play 900 classic arcade games on your browser.

The useless web

It will randomly show you a huge number of sites that are completely useless but fun to see ..


Interesting and surprising random facts


Make music with other people connected online


Enjoy SNES games on your browser


This impressive website will show you a random location with street view and you will have to guess its position in the world by clicking on a map. You can also share your map and challenge your friends.


Quirky and interesting listings website.


You can write a message, see it written upside down and then copy and paste it on Facebook or wherever you want.

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