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Recover data and photos from broken screen phone

If your mobile has suffered a drop and the screen has cracked or is unresponsive, we suggest the best ways to not lose all your data.

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Retrieving information from a broken mobile phone depends on the damage our phone has suffered. For example, recovering data from a cell phone with a broken screen is not the same as recovering data from a cell phone with a shorted motherboard.

Before assessing the damage, we can use various methods to appropriate the information contained in the phone’s memory. This time we will show you some methods to recover data and photos from a broken screen cellphone that is not working.

Recover data from a cellphone with a broken screen using your computer

If you have a computer at hand, recovering mobile data is a very simple process. You just need a handy USB cable that allows you to connect your mobile to your device.

However, this solution may not always work: unless you have previously connected your mobile to your computer to transfer files, the MTP or file transfer option is probably not selected as the default connection mode.

And, since you can’t use the mobile phone screen to manually choose the mode, it won’t be possible to activate this function which will allow you to recover the data.

Therefore, this method will only work if you have already connected the device to the computer before. In that case, even if the screen is not working, a connection can be established between the two devices.

If, with any luck, you can access the contents of your mobile phone from your computer, recovering the data is as simple as copying the folders and their contents from the mobile memory to a safe place on your PC.

So, browse the phone storage and copy all the data you need. For example, the photos you captured are located in the DCIM folder. Other important files may be located in the Documents and Downloads folders.

Check your mobile from your computer to access its content

In case the above option doesn’t work, there is a second solution that can help you recover mobile data from computer. It involves using a tool that allows you to control your mobile from your computer, such as AirDroid or Vysor. For this example we will use the latter given its ease of use.

To use this app, the only essential requirements are to  install Vysor from Google Play, have a computer with ADB drivers installed and have USB debugging enabled on the mobile. 

The idea is that we install it on the phone, which we can do from Google Play on the computer without too much trouble. So even if your device screen is unresponsive, you can install the app.

So you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Install Vysor from google play on the computer in your android mobile with a broken screen.
  2. On your computer, open Chrome and install the Vysor extension which will allow you to control the device.
  3. Connect your mobile with USB debugging enabled to your computer and run the extension.

That’s all. Now you can control your mobile at will from your computer using keyboard and mouse, to create a backup of your data and access it later.

Use your mobile with the mouse (only if you can still see the screen content)

Thanks to Android support for peripherals via OTG technology, all you need is a small adapter that allows you to connect a mouse and control your mobile as if it were a computer.

This solution is effective if you can still see the content displayed on the screen even if the touch panel has stopped working. You just have to plug in your mouse and create a backup that you can access later from another device.

Backup to the cloud

The most common is that if you use Android, you also use a Google account to save your data. If you’ve synced your photos with Google Photos, your documents with Google Drive, your contacts with Google Contacts, and your notes with Google Keep, you don’t need to worry. When you repair your device, you will simply need to log in with your Google account to recover your data.

You can also check if there is a backup copy of your information by accessing the desktop versions of your favorite applications. Furthermore, the cloud can also be your ally to recover your data from WhatsApp, OneDrive or any other service.

Duplicate your mobile screen onto a tv or external monitor

Another alternative we can use is to connect the phone to an external monitor or TV. In some high-end Samsung and Huawei phones, we can directly connect the phone to a TV using a USB cable and an HDMI adapter to turn the interface into a very Windows-like window system.

As for the rest of the brands, we can always resort to the Cast function of Android, which we can access from the system’s quick settings bar or through the settings.

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