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PairPlay, the app that brings Augmented Reality to your ears

PairPlay is an app that allows for innovative use of wireless headphones, specifically turning your AirPods into a two-player adventure! You and your partner split the AirPods (one takes the left, the other takes the right) and feel the OPPOSITE sides of the same story.

This use of headphones is part of the field of augmented reality, allowing for something like Google’s technology that allows the user to be guided inside buildings or malls.

Wireless headphones are one of the most successful wearable devices in recent times, also thanks to the fact that their technology has become cheaper, expanding their access to a large number of users, while their accessibility has increased autonomy and improving the audio quality.

Augmented reality also comes to your ears

In this case PairPlay allows each user to use a headset through which they will receive instructions that will guide them through a virtual scenario that is recreated in their home, for example, where they will face a sound adventure, downloadable as a podcast.

To locate and manage the movements of the participants in this audio augmented reality experience, PairPlay uses motion sensor technology.

The adventures are of the most varied, being able to experience a zombie apocalypse, interpret the research carried out by secret agents, the persecution by a robot … receive instructions and the necessary sound environment for each participant via the wireless headset.

At the moment the download of the PairPlay app is free, as are the contents of the auditory adventures in augmented reality, and it is necessary to have an iPhone and AirPods headphones. This is because the PairPlay technology is supported by the spatial sound system of Apple’s wireless headphones, which can offer an immersive 360 ​​° sound experience.

In addition to being only available in English, the technology can evolve to offer uses beyond leisure, such as interactive audio tutorials for new employees in facilities through which they need to be guided in their learning process.

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