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Keyboard shortcuts to use with whatsapp on pc and mac

One of the great advantages of computers is that they have a small control device, called a mouse, which allows us to access any corner of the screen precisely and quickly.

Which sometimes makes us forget that we have a keyboard which, in its own way, also has possibilities capable of speeding up any operation.

One of them is what we commonly know as keyboard shortcuts, an expression that is used to define those key combinations that save us the trouble of having to go with the mouse to a specific menu and click on the option.

It sounds incredible, but they end up saving us a lot more mouse time when we learn them, memorize them, and use them often.

Keyboard shortcuts to use on WhatsApp desktop

And that’s exactly what happens with WhatsApp, which has a good number of keyboard shortcuts that, if we decide to use them, will save us a lot of time if you need to navigate between menus.

It must be said that both on PC and Mac the key combinations are the same except for one difference that you may have guessed: the Ctrl keys (Control) Windows and Cmd (Command) of the Mac, which are the ones that mark the start of each of the commands in the respective environment.

Whatsapp keyboard shortcuts for pc

Mark as unread: Ctrl. + SHIFT + U
Archive chat: Ctrl. + E
Block chat: Ctrl. + SHIFT + P
Search chat: Ctrl. + SHIFT + F
New group: Ctrl. + SHIFT + N
Settings: Ctrl. +. (period)
Mute: Ctrl. + SHIFT + M
Delete chat: Ctrl. + SHIFT + D
Search: Ctrl. + F
New chat: Ctrl. + N
Profile and information: Ctrl. + P

WhatsApp keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Mark as unread: Cmd. + SHIFT + U
Chat archive: Cmd. + E
Pin chat: Cmd. + SHIFT + P
Search chat: Cmd. + SHIFT + F
New group: Cmd. + SHIFT + N
Configuration: Cmd. +. (period)
Mute: Cmd. + SHIFT + M
Delete chat: Cmd. + SHIFT + D
Search: Cmd. + F
New chat: Cmd. + N
Profile and information: Cmd. + P

As you can see, the difference between the operating systems is practically nil, except for the one we mentioned about the Ctrl and Cmd key.

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