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How to use google task to manage your activities from your mobile

If you’ve been looking for a simple app to track pending tasks from your mobile, you’ve surely come across Google Tasks.

A simple function app that integrates with other Google services and now receives an interesting update that will make it easier to organize and manage your to-do lists.

So you can manage your to-do lists with the new version of Google Tasks

There are many applications that allow us to manage pending tasks and activities. They have almost all the same dynamics, offering a series of functions that allow us to organize every detail of our routine.

But if you’re looking for a simpler option, without too many features, you can check out Google’s app. The function of Google Tasks is simple: create tasks, you can add them individually or organize them in lists. And of course, you’ll find the basic functions that let you add side tasks, any additional notes, and set a date.

So when you open the Google Tasks app you will find your tasks, without unnecessary details or complicated functions. And now this dynamic is enhanced with the new app update, which allows you to view multiple task lists at the same time on the main page.

You can configure your lists to appear as tabs, so you can more easily move between your tasks. This allows you to have a more practical view from your mobile, without having to choose one list or the other from the menu below.

So you can create to-do lists for work, home, your personal to-dos, etc. And then quickly view them from the new carousel. And if you want to have your most important to-do lists in the center of the screen, you can easily move them by simply selecting and swiping them left or right. It’s a small update, but it makes it easy to manage tasks from your mobile.

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