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How to translate a video into another language without installing anything on your PC or mobile

Today we see a web tool that allows you to automatically translate any video without installing programs on your computer or phone.

In this increasingly global society we live in, what used to be a tragedy for many, a trip to a foreign country, is now a pleasure with the large number of instant translation tools available, allowing us to have acceptable conversations with anyone.

As in the case that we propose today, a website capable of translating our videos to generate them in the language we want, in such a way that they are understandable to the audience we are addressing.

A website to translate videos without worrying about anything

Why is it a great tool to use? the first thing is that it does not take up space on our devices because it works completely online. And secondly, because it is extremely easy to use.

This site is called Veed, and it has been designed so that anyone who wants to translate a video can do it in an instant and without consuming resources on their devices. What this website does is automatically generate subtitles for the videos we upload. Its software can detect the original language of the video and automatically generate subtitles.

What we need to do is choose the output language with which we will export the video. What this tool will do is automatically translate all subtitles and integrate them into the new generated video.

In this way we will have a video with subtitles synchronized with the audio that can be exported in different formats in a simple way, and all this without the need to install anything on our devices. Therefore, it is a quick way to generate content in different languages.

The interface of this website is really simple, once the video is added and uploaded to their servers, an interface full of tools appears before us to edit the video to our liking. Tools to add new images to the video, our audio tracks, even additional text to the subtitles that have been generated.

We can also adjust the speed of the video, to adapt it to our needs as well. We can also draw on any frame of the video, to add freehand annotations or directions.

As for subtitles, we can choose to generate them automatically, identifying the audio, or we can create our own subtitles.

But the fact that they are generated and translated by themselves is certainly the best feature that this interesting website offers us. So if you need to translate a video to another language with subtitles, there is no better and more efficient tool than this.

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