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How to take photos with voice commands on iPhone

A system for taking pictures with your voice that, besides being really comfortable, is obviously designed to help people with some kind of visual impairment to use the device.

The accessibility options included in all Apple operating systems make their computers usable by any user regardless of whether they have a disability or not. Some options increase with each new version of the operating system, becoming essential for Apple, for which it has received several awards around the world.

These accessibility options allow people with visual, motor, sensitive or hearing impairments to use their equipment without depending on anyone and making their daily life easier. Today there is a new function with which you can use your voice to take pictures without having to touch the iPhone (or iPad).

Some of you might think that having the shutter timer built into the camera app, an Apple Watch to take the photo, or just a tripod with a Bluetooth trigger, make this new feature useless and unnecessary. But if, like us, you like to experiment with your gear and learn about all the possibilities your iPhone has, this tutorial is for you.

How to take pictures just by asking the iPhone

The first thing we need to do in order to take pictures with a voice command is to access the accessibility settings of the iPhone or iPad in order to configure the entire system. For this we will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Let’s go to Settings> Accessibility
  2. Once inside we look for the voice control settings and activate them. If this is your first time entering these settings, you will see that you can only use English commands at the moment.

Now click on activate commands and create a new command following these instructions:

In the sentence section we will write the word “photo”. In Action we will choose “Perform custom gesture” where we will click once over where it says Hide controls. The idea is that this gesture we are creating simulates our finger when we press the camera button.

Once the voice command has been created in the accessibility settings, using it couldn’t be easier. The first thing to do is to make sure that voice control of accessibility settings is turned on. If it is, a microphone icon will appear in the top left, letting us know it’s ready to hear the word “Photo” which will trigger the whole process.

We open the iPhone or iPad camera application and select the “Photo” or “Portrait” mode (works with both).

Now let’s say the magic word “Photo” and we’ll see how the photograph is taken automatically without touching a button.

A good system backed by accessibility options to try out during these Christmas holidays and those typical photos with family, friends or with your pets.

Apple has a specific website that explains everything needed to activate and use these features. It also allows you to contact them directly, particularly with Apple’s Accessibility Technical Support, so that they can resolve any concerns they deem appropriate.

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