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How to switch positions on Tinder for free

How to switch positions on Tinder for free? This is not possible, for this you will have to pay and change the position with a subscription but that is not what we are looking for. Wouldn’t it be better to change Tinder’s location without paying?

Today we present you a trick to change your location on Tinder in an easy way and that is that you may want to search for people in a place other than where you live because you will be moving or whatever comes to mind.

Tinder uses your GPS to propose you to the different girls or boys around you and it may happen that there aren’t many in your area or you already know them and are looking for people in a different place.

The fact is that changing the GPS location in Tinder is very simple, in fact to put yourself somewhere else you just have to fake the GPS location.

Change location on Tinder for free with this trick

If you are using an Android mobile phone and don’t want to pay for Tinder Passport, you can use an application that allows you to “fake” the location of your mobile device.

There are many on Google Play that can help you. For example, Fake GPS Location, which is free, but there are many others. What you will need to do is download and install it on your mobile.

Once this is done, launch it and accept the necessary permissions. Of course, you will have to activate the developer settings on your Android mobile so that the application can fake the location.

To perform this method you don’t need to be root or advanced knowledge, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Let’s go into Settings (for Android) and go to Developer Options or Developer Options. (Go to info telegono and press 7 times on the logo to activate them if they are not
  • We activate the Simulated Positions box.
  • Now, once done,  download one of these location spoofing apps.
  • When we open it, it will show us a warning and tell us that if we are root, we must activate the setting that we have already mentioned, that of Simulated locations or Fictitious locations, since in case of root it is not necessary.
  • Once this is done, we just have to enter the application and choose the position we want to set and use the Set position button to set the new position.

Now, when we enter Tinder, the application will recognize the new GPS destination and place us where we have decided to pretend to be.

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