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How to solve if the keyboard is writing numbers and not letters

Unless we have a touch screen associated with our computer with which to type with a virtual keyboard, the physical keyboard is a fundamental tool if we want to use our computer.

It is possible to do without the mouse, but not the keyboard, so any mishap that happens to us with it can become a problem that, it seems, could have a difficult solution.

When you use it, it is likely that on some occasions, as you type, the keys start showing numbers and symbols on the screen instead of letters.

Generally this happens unintentionally and many times, almost without a logical explanation. We may have done something wrong, but we don’t really know what could have happened, so today we will see how we can fix if the keyboard writes numbers instead of letters.

When I write letters, numbers come out, why?

As we have mentioned, the keyboard is a fundamental element of our computer, of which we can find different types, depending on whether we have a desktop PC or a laptop. In both, the main problem that causes our keyboard to write numbers instead of letters is because of the number lock.

The main culprit of this problem is Num Lock which when activated converts the keyboard letters to numbers, so just press the function key (Fn) + Num Lock or Fn + Shift + Num Lock to disable Num Lock.

Method 2: disable external keypad number lock

1.Disable number lock on laptop keyboard using the above method.

2.Now plug in your external keyboard and turn off number lock on this keyboard again.

3. This will ensure that the number lock is disabled on both the laptop and the external keyboard.

4. Disconnect the external keyboard and restart the PC to save the changes.

Method 3: disable number lock with the Windows on-screen keyboard

1.Press Windows key + R, then type osk and press Enter to open the onscreen keyboard.

2. Disable Number Lock by clicking on it (if enabled, it will be displayed in a different color).

3.If you can’t see the number block, click Options.

4. Check the “Enable Numeric Keypad” box and click OK.

5.This will enable the NumLock option and you could easily disable it.

6.Restart the PC to save the changes.

Method 4: clean the boot

Sometimes third party software can conflict with hardware such as the keyboard and can cause this problem. To troubleshoot typing numbers on the keyboard instead of letters, you need to perform a clean boot of your computer and diagnose the problem step by step.

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