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How to send large files online

Emails have become a fundamental tool for our day. 2.5 million emails are sent every second, a huge number.

The first email delivery system was in 1971, and while email delivery systems have evolved a lot in recent years, file size remains an issue for users.

We are in an age where both images and videos have become fundamental in our everyday lives, and it can often happen that we have to send an email containing a file that is too large to be delivered by normal email.

To send a large file online without using email we have some free sites that will save many a big headache.

What are the large file types that cannot be emailed?

Large image files are usually the heaviest, especially videos. Very often it can happen to send several photographs in RAW format or many images in other formats. Finally, large presentations or drawings can also cause problems when sending an email.

  • All types of video files
  • PSD format file
  • File RAW
  • Very heavy PPT presentations
  • Design projects
  • Programs and applications

There are many free services available on the internet for sending large format files. In this post we will evaluate the main tools available.

How to send large files online for free

If you have ever had to send a large file for work or to a friend of yours, and unfortunately your emails have a limit of a few megs on attachments, to solve this problem here is a useful free online site.


WeTransfer is a free web service that allows us to send large files, up to a maximum of 2 GB. But let’s see how it works: Let’s start by saying that the service does not require any registration. Just go to the WeTransfer website and we will immediately find ourselves in front of this panel

To send a large file just click on “add file” and choose the file we want to send on our PC. At this point there are two possibilities for sharing the file:

The most common and used is via Email. Just write the recipient’s email address and WeTransfer will send a message to the interested party with the link inside to immediately download the large file from the WeTransfer site. We have the possibility to enter up to 20 email addresses.

The second solution he proposes to us is through the creation of a Link. Very useful if we need to insert it on a website or in a forum or even in an email.

Important: remember that in both cases, the download of the file will be available for 7 days, after which the file will be deleted from the site.

WeTransfer is currently one of the best ways to send large files. There is also the paid Plus version, in this case the file size that we can share increases to 10 Gb.

Other great free services for sending large files online

Having to share large amounts of information is a fairly common requirement in some jobs and even in the leisure field. A photo shoot, information on a project, a heavy video. Having to share a few gigabytes is not too rare and for this reason we thought it would be nice to collect other free services to share large files.


  • It allows you to send very large files up to 5GB for free
  • Enable message encryption including a password
  • It is not necessary to register
  • Very intuitive and simple operation
  • Connection:  PCloudTransfer


  • It allows you to send files up to 5GB for free
  • Allows file storage in the cloud
  • The page is available in Italian
  • Link:  Jumbomail


  • It allows the sending of large format files up to 4 GB with a limitation of 5 shipments per month in its free version
  • Allows you to download a desktop version for MAC and PC
  • Intuitive and simple operation
  • A good resource for sending files that are over 2GB free
  • Link:  Dropsend


  • It allows you to send very large files up to 5 GB for free
  • To use it, you need to register in advance
  • It offers other functions such as archiving, content organization and online collaboration
  • Given the number of options offered, it is less intuitive in its management
  • Link: Box


  • It allows you to upload large files and share them with other users via a URL
  • The files remain active for 7 days
  • It is not necessary to register
  • Intuitive and simple use
  • Link:  Wikisend


  • Operational since 2005
  • It allows you to upload very large files and share them with other users via the url
  • Enable the creation of folders to organize content
  • Its operation is simple and intuitive
  • Link: Sendspace


  • It allows you to store huge files up to 10GB in its free version
  • Prior registration is required for its use
  • It allows both information storage and collaboration between users
  • Its interface is very simple so its use is very simple
  • Link:  Mediafire


  • It allows you to share large files by generating URLs
  • allows you to customize the time in which the file will remain accessible between 30 minutes and a week
  • Very simple to use in just two steps
  • Link:  Senduit

I hope this post free heavy file sending tools will be useful and sending large documents is no longer a problem from now on.

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