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How to remove the background from a photo on Android

In this guide, we explain how to quickly remove the background from any photograph from your Android mobile device.

Removing the background from a photo is a very common operation. Of course, you can do this with large image editing programs, such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo.

However, you will need to have some specific knowledge and, in addition, pay for its use. Is there a free and easy way to erase the background of an image? Is it possible to do it from Android? Yes, and in the following lines we explain how to do it.

How to erase the background of any image with Background Eraser

The Google Play Store has been filled with apps that promise to eliminate the background, but not all of them work as simply and effectively. With this first option that we have chosen for you, you will have access to several cropping tools that will allow you to delete what you do not want from an image.

One of the most complete applications that will allow you to remove the background from any photograph is Background Eraser. Once installed on your device, open it and click Upload a photo.

Crop the image to remove most of the background. You should use this feature to fully fit the photo size to the main subject. Use Done to save your changes.

In the editing area, select Auto. With this feature you will automatically remove most of the background. Click on the main color groups in the photo.

The result when using the Auto function will be very similar to the one shown in the following screenshot.

To improve cropping, turn on the Magic option. With it you can outline the outline of the object without fear of erasing it. Your image should look like the one you see in the following screenshot.

If you are happy with the result, use the Done button to finish.

On the next screen, select a degree to blur the outline. With level 3 it will be more than enough to soften the edges. This is especially important if you are adding a new background to your photo. Use Save to save the image.

In this simple way you will have eliminated the background of your photograph. Run as many tests as you like. You don’t have to worry about losing the original file, as this application always generates new copies.

All changes will be saved in a different file. To find them, go to the Eraser folder, inside the Pictures directory, in the internal memory.

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