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How to protect yourself from abuse on instagram

All social networks are flooded with abuse, insults and harassment and although companies implement tools to protect users as much as possible, there will always be ways to evade them to attack. Here’s how to protect yourself

Instagram has just introduced some new tools to protect yourself from abuse, and here we tell you about them so that you can take them into account if you are on the side of the victim.

In summary, we can say that there are three new features: Ability to limit comments and direct message requests when there is something viral on our account. Stronger alerts when people try to post potentially offensive comments. Word function hidden all over the world, to be able to filter offensive DM requests.

Protect yourself from abuse on instagram by limiting comments and direct message requests

The first thing they did is take into account that sometimes, when one of our publications is unusually successful, we begin to receive a huge amount of messages and comments. We now have a feature that can be activated at any time and that automatically hides comments and direct message requests from people who don’t follow us (or who have been following us for a few hours).

They want to prevent people’s comments and direct message requests from harming creators. If you start getting offensive messages, you can turn on limits and avoid them. This way we will limit ourselves only to new followers or those who do not follow us, but we will continue to receive messages from followers for life.

To activate it we need to go to the privacy settings. If this abuse occurs, Instagram will find a way to notify us that there is an unexpected stream of comments, although these alerts are currently unavailable.

Stronger warnings to discourage bullying

Until now, Instagram was showing a warning if it identified an abusive message, and if it was repeated, it would display an even stronger warning, reminding them of the Community Guidelines and warning them that they can remove or hide their comment if they continue. It will now notify you with the second warning from the first moment.

Hidden words around the world

The hidden words function will now be worldwide. We can automatically filter offensive words, phrases and emojis in a hidden folder, which we will never have to read if we don’t want to.

This feature filters direct message requests that may be spam or poor quality.

It will be available worldwide at the end of this August and will alert accounts with a lot of followers to turn it on by default.

They’ve expanded the list of potentially offensive words, hashtags, and emojis, and added a new subscription option to hide more comments that can be potentially harmful, even if they don’t break their rules.

Three options that we can consider to have a healthier experience on Instagram.

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