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How to print a web page without ads

Articles on the web contain advertisements and other annoying images. If you print them, you often get all that junk. But you can remove ads and other strange elements with a feature built into your web browser.

With all the information currently available on the web, conducting academic work or research has become a daily practice, often hampered by the avalanche of images and advertisements that distract us from the content that really interests us. 

There are obvious reasons, such as print quality and waste of paper and ink, why we would like to print only the information relevant to our purposes, doing without those annoying advertisements.

How to print an ad-free website the easy way

Using impractical alternatives, such as copying the desired text and pasting it into a Word document to avoid unnecessary elements, is an option left in the past with the emergence of a number of applications offered by different browsers. Here are some of the options offered by major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.


This browser, unlike Mozilla, has no built-in Reader View. Reader View is a free extension for Chrome that, among other things, lets you print ad-free web pages. To do this, we must first download it from the Chrome Web Store and once installed, it will show us an icon in the toolbar next to the address bar.

With a simple click, we can activate the reading mode of the page we are visiting and even customize it with the possibility of changing color, font size, font type, etc. From here, just click on the print button you will see in the sidebar and you can print the entire page without advertising.


The Reader View tool is already integrated with Mozilla. The option is shown in the menu next to the address bar: its icon is a small page with lines. Clicking on it changes color and reloads the page in reading mode. You can also do this by simply pressing F9. With this method, you can easily print the information from the web page without advertising.

Firefox also offers “Pocket” functionality. It is a tool that allows us to save web pages and articles to read them later. All this in reading mode and without advertising: from here we just have to open the Mozilla options menu and select “Print”.

We can activate the Pocket function by clicking on the icon that we will see in the address bar. Obviously, to use this tool you need to have a Firefox account or register with an email address.


This browser offers two alternatives to print a web page without advertising. With the first you can choose what to print from the print dialog and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, a second option is to install the Reader View extension for free, from the browser extension store.

If we choose the option to print “bareback” we will see that the ad is not displayed, but there will be a large empty space where the ad should be. It can be very practical but if you don’t want to waste paper it’s better to use Reader View’s reading mode.


Provides two ways to print ad-free web pages: by removing the check mark in “Print Backgrounds” before printing or by using a built-in tool in Safari called “Safari Integrated Reader ” by clicking on the icon that appears in the left corner of the toolbar addresses, which you will identify as a couple of small lines of text.

Microsoft Edge

The native Windows browser also has its own reading mode tool, called “Immersive Reader”. To activate it, we just have to look at the address bar to find a book icon. To activate it, simply click on it or press the Ctrl + Shift + R keys at the same time. It is important to note that not all web pages support immersive reading mode. The icon will be shown only on compatible pages.

More ways to print ad-free

When you want to print from a web page that does not allow you to use Reader View, other options are available:

Print Friendly, a more sophisticated tool that can be obtained for free from the Chrome Web Store. This application is able to print a web page or create a PDF file from the URL of the desired site. It offers editing options to choose the images and paragraphs you want to keep or delete. It is a tool that can be used by Firefox, Chrome and Edge since it has extensions for all of them.

Textise is one of the fastest ways to convert a web page to text only. Plus, it’s a web service, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer or browser. To use Textise, all we have to do is go to the website of this service, paste the URL of the web page we want to convert to text only and click on the Textise button.

We will see how the web page of the url we have just pasted will automatically be displayed with only text, without advertising or images and ready to be printed by the browser itself. In addition, Textise allows you to customize the text by indicating the color, type and size of the font or share the short url of the page already converted to text only with other people.

These tools available on the Internet, which are used to print web pages without advertising, are actually reading modes that will allow you to enjoy the topics of your interest without distractions, presenting you a view where you can choose the features that make this activity more enjoyable.

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