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How to know under what name you have been saved on WhatsApp

Are you curious to know how your contacts saved you? Here we explain this trick to find out the nickname that has been assigned to you.

If the person you are sending a message to has saved your number in their address book, the name they saved you under will appear in the message in their chat.

It may be a different name than your username and refers to how he knows you or how he calls you. Perhaps he uses a diminutive, a love form, or he has included some qualification about you in the name he saved you by.

You may be curious about how that person saved you, especially without having to look at their address book. There is a curious way to find out, a new WhatsApp trick with which you can find out how they included you in their contacts, under what name.

WhatsApp trick: how to know under which name your contact has been saved

What you need to do is log into WhatsApp as usual and open the chat with the person you are interested in. Start a conversation and ask him with an excuse to share your contact with you, with your phone number.

To do this, you must go to your profile and click on the top menu which is identified with three dots. So, when he sends your contact, you will see a box with your profile picture, your phone number and the name with which he has saved you in his address book.

The “tricky” thing is to find that reason to ask him to share your contact with you. Maybe you can just tell him that you want to see what your profile picture looks like or how other people would see your contact card on WhatsApp.

Use a little imagination and you can satisfy your curiosity to know under what name they added you to their contact list.

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