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How to have unlimited space on Google photos for free

Do you use Google Photos to store your multimedia content on the internet? Surely you know that from June 1st Google Photos will stop having free and unlimited storage space for almost everyone, which he communicated to you several months ago and now the time is almost up.

If you haven’t looked for alternatives yet and want to keep getting the service for free, we’ll tell you the only way Google offers to do it. It is a new plan specifically for some Android phones.

If you want free and unlimited Google Photos you must have a Pixel

In fact, as of June 1, there will be only a few models that will have an unlimited Google Photos plan: Google’s pixel phones. As previously mentioned, Google will no longer offer unlimited, free, high-quality storage for its upcoming devices.

But google will launch a different new plan. This plan was discovered in the APK of the application and shows unlimited and free backup on Google Pixel, but with reduced quality. This most likely means that Pixel phones will enjoy this plan from now on.

And no, no other mobile, regardless of the manufacturer, will be able to access this free and unlimited low-quality storage.

This means that if you want to have Google Photos for free, you will need to get one of the next Google Pixels that will be launched on the market. And even so, you will not get unlimited high-quality storage, as everything indicates that this new plan will significantly reduce the quality.

If this feature is activated for users, those in possession of a new Google Pixel will be able to choose between a maximum of 4 different plans. Express and the new low-quality unlimited plan look very similar, so we’ll have to wait to see how they differ. Starting June 1st, these will be all Google Photos plans:

Original Quality: Maintain the original quality of your photos and videos and normally take up your Google account storage space.

High Quality: Reduces the quality of photos to a maximum of 16 megapixels and “high resolution” videos. In both cases, what they occupy will be subtracted from Google’s storage space from June 1st.

Express: Available in some countries only, this type of plan compresses photos up to a maximum of 3 megapixels and “standard definition” videos.

Space Saving: The name is yet to be defined, but this plan should be included in the new Google Pixel as a free, unlimited plan in exchange for a “slight” quality reduction. Compression details are not yet known.

If you’re not planning on buying a Google Pixel in the near future, we’ve got bad news for you: you’ll have to pay for Google Photos. We’ve already explained that the service still has some free storage, although that’s only 15GB of your free Google Drive account.

Starting this month, millions of users will find themselves in a position to change their photo storage service or pay for one of the company’s Google Photos plans. See you at Google Photos for free and unlimited for all those who do not have or do not want to buy a Google Pixel.

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