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How to find a person on Facebook with a photo

Are you trying to find someone on Facebook and only have a picture of them as a clue? Thanks to the wide variety of free tools on the Internet, you can search through images to easily find someone or something.

Using these tools is very useful for verifying the legitimacy of an account and the content it publishes. They can also be used to do journalistic work to find out who owns an image and where it was first published.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have a reverse image search feature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone on Facebook with a photo.

Next, we will show you several easy-to-apply methods that will allow you to find a person on Facebook simply by having a photo present in their account.

Before looking for someone on Facebook with a photo let’s see the requirements

When you try to find someone on the Internet with a photo, the success of the search will almost entirely depend on that photo. It doesn’t have to be a high-quality photo, but it does have to remain as faithful as possible to the original it came from. Specifically, these are the characteristics that the photo you will use for the search should have:

  • The file name of the photo is the same or very similar to the original photo.
  • The image size must be the same.
  • The color profile of the photo has not changed from the original.
  • The person you are looking for has a public Facebook profile.
    • If the profile is private, it is impossible to find it with a photo unless we are friends on the platform.
  • The photo you intend to use has been downloaded from Facebook.

If your photo meets all of the above characteristics, the chances that you will find who you are looking for are very high. If not, try to get another photo that has those characteristics. In any case, even if you can’t get a photo with the previous characteristics, you can try your luck and try to do the research with the methods that we explain immediately.

How to find someone on Facebook from a photo

To find a Facebook profile linked to a photo you have, you can apply one of the 3 methods presented below.

Use the image ID on Facebook to find its owner

All photos on Facebook have a unique identification number. If it’s a photo downloaded from Facebook, the filename should have that ID which will be very useful in your search. 

Follow these steps to get her ID and find the Facebook profile that originally posted her:

  • Drag the photo to a chrome browser tab.
  • In the new tab opened with the photo, look at the address bar where the photo link is.
  • You will see that the link, before ending in “.png” or “.jpg”, has three lines of numbers separated by an underscore (_). Well, copy the second group of numbers.
  • What you copied is the ID of the Facebook profile that uploaded the photo. To find this profile, open a new tab and enter this address in your browser:
  • At the end of this link (after the “=” sign), paste the row of numbers you copied earlier and which is the ID of the user who uploaded the photo to Facebook.
  • Finally, log in to that address you created to go directly to the Facebook profile to which the photo belongs.

That’s all! If the profile is private, you will unfortunately not be able to see it. And if you’ve been directed to the profile of someone you’re not looking for, don’t be disappointed and try the following methods.

Search for a person’s photo with Google Images

Currently, Google has the best tool for searching from images. Its algorithms are very effective in finding web pages and information related to a photo. There are many ways to use this tool and here we describe them all:

  • If the photo is on the Internet, right-click on it and select search for image on google.
  • In case your browser doesn’t show you this option, go to Google Images and drag the photo to the search bar.
  • If the photo is saved on your PC, go to Google Images and tap the camera button> Upload Image> Choose File. Then, you can upload the image and do the search.

This way Google will show you all the Internet sites where the image you are looking for appears. Since you are interested in seeing who used or uploaded the photo to Facebook, you should do the following:

Next to the Google search bar where the photo you searched for is attached, enter: site:

Therefore, Google will only show you the results of the photo on Facebook and you will be able to find the person you are looking for.

Other search tools you can use to find a person from a photo

Google’s tool isn’t the only one that exists for searching from images. Even Microsoft Bing can do it, as well as Yandex which is the best to use in some regions such as Russia. In addition, there are web pages that specialize in reverse image search such as:

With different tools you will get different results, so we recommend that you try them all. We hope that these tricks and tools will be useful to you in your search and you will finally find that person you were looking for.

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