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How to enable the new Google chat integrated in Gmail

How to activate Google Chat, the new instant messaging application from Google, free and available to all users through Gmail.

Gmail, the most popular email service in the world, has a new integrated application; is Google Chat, which will become the replacement for Hangouts, which served the same function.

But while apps like WhatsApp or Telegram have managed to attract millions of users thanks to their features, Hangouts lagged far behind.

Google Chat was already available for free on PC, but it was a separate app that we had to open in a new tab. It is now possible to use Google Chat within Gmail, just like we did with Hangouts; in fact it will have the same functions.

This is important because Google’s goal is for Gmail to be the center of our digital life, including our work; It will be from the Gmail app or website that we will be able to access other services such as Google Meet chat or video calls.

For this, the mobile app had to be redesigned, with new lower tabs from which we can access the different applications. The first tab is dedicated to Gmail, the second to Google Chat, the third to “Rooms” or large meetings to share activities and files and the fourth to make video calls with Google Meet. On the other hand, if we use the Gmail website, these apps will appear on the side, allowing us to directly start new meetings and chats.

Furthermore, these applications will be more integrated into Gmail. For example, among the functions on which Google is working we find the possibility of making video calls in Gmail, with floating windows that will not disturb our workflow.

How to activate and use google chat in Gmail

To date, a certain percentage of Gmail users can already integrate this Chat; As is often the case, this is an in development version and may take some time for some users. Also, it is initially only available in the Android app and desktop website; IOS users will have to wait a little longer.

To activate the Chat on Android, we must first make sure to update the application in the Play Store. Next, we open the side menu and access “Settings”. Click on our email address and in the “General” section we will find two settings, one to activate Google Chat and the other to activate Google Meet.

To activate the Chat in Gmail for desktop, we must enter the Gmail configuration page and, in the “Chat and Meet” section, click on “Google Chat (early access) if the option is displayed; here we can also decide whether to activate Google Meet.

This new version of Gmail for mobile offers mail, chat and video calling in one place and facilitates teamwork through chat, shared files and to-do lists.

If the option is checked, a screenshot will appear asking if we want to test Google Chat in Gmail. The text warns that “errors and other problems may occur” and warns that you can “go back to the previous version of the chat at any time”.

Once the option is activated, the user is shown a series of tabs explaining the functions of the new tool.

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