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How to download PS4 games for free

We explain how and where to download free games on PlayStation 4 directly from the console.

Being able to play the best games on the market is fine, but there are also several free games in the console catalog that will allow you to spend hours of fun without breaking the bank.

There are two ways to do this: first by taking advantage of the free PlayStation Plus games that Sony offers to PlayStation Network users and the second by looking for the free games section found in the PlayStation Store. Both processes are very simple.

How to download free games on PlayStation 4 (PS4)

As mentioned, PS4 offers two methods of being able to download free games, both from PlayStation Network; The first is through the offer of free titles, video games that we can find in the Free section of the PS Store, while the second option is through the free monthly games of PS Plus, the online service. PS4 payment.

Download free PS4 games from the PlayStation Store

To download free PS4 video games from the PlayStation Store we need to access the PS Store from the PS4 main menu itself, via its login icon located to the left of the menu. 

Once inside the PS Store we just have to scroll through its menu on the left, going down until you find the Free item, where the titles offered for free are found.

Now we will access the main menu of free video games for PS4; we will only have to scroll through its login icons and click on the one that interests us to go and download it on our console. Once inside the main menu of the video game, we just have to click on Download to start downloading. The game will be downloaded automatically and once the download is complete we can play it.

Download free games from PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus users can download a series of video games for free every month, as part of the PlayStation 4 paid service offering, paid titles that Sony offers to PS Plus subscribers. Of course, to access these games, even after downloading them, we must continue to be subscribed to the service.

To download the free PS Plus games, we need to access the PS Store via the PS4 main menu. Once inside the PS Store, we just have to scroll through the main menu of the store until we find the PS Plus item, where we can see the different titles available for download.

Already in the main menu of PS Plus we just have to click on the box where the free games of the month and the title Play Now are displayed.

You will go directly to a screen where you will see the games available this month. In it, click on the one you want to download. You will see how under its title its original price and the word Free in yellow will be deleted to avoid errors; we just have to access the game that interests us and click Add to library. 

From then on, the game will be available in our PS4 digital library and will download automatically. Remember that you will not be able to access these games if you stop paying the PS Plus monthly fee.

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