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How to download music from YouTube without installing software

Do you want to have the songs you listen to via YouTube on your computer? With these websites you can do it easily without installing any programs.

It is normal to go to YouTube when we want to listen to a specific song, see the video clip and discover new songs and artists. The great advantage of its platform is that you can find all kinds of musical styles and enjoy any songs, complete albums and unreleased works.

Surely on more than one occasion you have thought of wanting to download some of these songs, to listen to them through your computer or mobile phone, without having to spend internet data and without having to enter any application. The good news is you can do it and we’ll tell you how.

You will have seen that other sites offer you this possibility, however you often have to watch long video tutorials and even download programs. That’s why we show you something much simpler, they are pages where you can directly download the YouTube songs you want, without having to waste time and without having to install programs.



On this page it is very easy to download the song you want from YouTube. To achieve this, the first thing you need to do is search for the YouTube video of the song you want, copy the URL that appears in the browser bar and go to the main Flvto site. Once there, you will just have to paste the URL where it puts a  link to the media file,  and if you want to change and choose the format click where it says mp3, and in the drop down menu choose the one that fits you the best: MP4, AVI, MP4 HD, etc.

Clicking  Convert  starts the download and displays a bar showing the percentage of what has already been downloaded. At the end the window appears that tells you where you want to save the file. This way you will already have the song saved so you can listen to it whenever you feel like it.


This is another good option if you want to safely download free songs without any viruses. Another advantage of this website is that it has an extension so that you can enter it in your browser and download any song from YouTube faster through it.

On the main page of SAVEtoMP3 you just have to enter the url of the music you want to extract from YouTube, click on the magnifying glass on the right and the one you want to download appears at the bottom, select if you want MP3 or MP4 and you will have your download in less than a minute.


It is a fairly complete free application that not only serves to download music from YouTube, but also converts any media files from other web pages such as Vimeo. 

Using Clip Converter is also very simple, since you just have to enter the URL of the YouTube video and click continue, then choose the format and give to get started. This process may take a few minutes until the download box appears to download the file to your chosen location.


It is one of the easiest to use online converters for YouTube. It also stands out for its speed, so much so that in a moment you will have the file to download it to your computer. In, you already have a bar on the main page where you need to paste the youtube video url, from which you want to extract the sound in MP3. 

Just click to download and it appears as the download has completed, in the same window. The window that opens separately can be closed as it has nothing to do with it. Next, the file size appears and by clicking on it, you are already downloading the song to your computer.


When we search for these types of pages on the Internet we find that most of them do not meet our expectations or we fall into endless advertisements. This does not happen with y2mate, it is a fairly safe tool to use, very easy and practical, it does not contain viruses or has annoying advertisements. As soon as you enter the Y2mate website, the bar appears in which we have to paste the url of the YouTube video. Then you have to click where it says start.

A little further down the video information, the length of the song and the different quality options appear to select the one that interests us most to download in MP4, click on the download of the one that suits you best and the file is now ready to enjoy it on our computer.


With this YouTube to MP3 converter not only do we have the ability to paste the URL and download the file immediately, but we also have the ability to indicate the name of an artist and give us the ability to choose from several of his videos so that we can decide which one to use would like to download to MP3. 

In about 5-10 seconds the download is ready, this is one of its advantages. Another of its functions is that it also allows us to download the video. also stands out for its simplicity and because no advertisements appear on its site, so it is safe, free and unimpeded to achieve what we are looking for.


And to finish with this selection of pages to download songs from YouTube without installing programs, we also bring you this simple tool, the mp3hub website, where you just have to paste the URL of the video you want to convert to mp3 and click on the magnifier. red magnification appearing. 

Immediately the video data comes out and clicking on it brings up the download options, where you can download the file in MP3, MP4 and audio plus video. Click  Download  and you may see an advertising window, close it and click the button again and the download will appear.

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