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How to delete cookie notice from web pages in Google Chrome browser

When you browse the Internet, it is normal to find a cookie notice on some pages; something that for many Google Chrome users can be annoying. Therefore, in this post we will explain how to remove the cookie warning from web pages in the Google Chrome browser.

Surely you have never wondered what cookies are used for and how they work on web pages. Well, cookies are files that websites create to save each user’s browsing data so that they can enjoy a simpler browsing experience.

They allow you to save your browsing preferences, that many pages load faster and will also show you other pages similar to your searches.

There are two types of cookies: own cookies are those created by the website you visit; and third-party cookies, are those that design websites with the aim of creating advertising profiles.

In Europe, according to the GDPR, LOPD and LSSI laws, all owners of a web page that uses cookies are obliged to inform their visitors of:

  • Inform them with a banner-style notice on the use of cookies.
  • The usefulness of cookies that are installed by third parties.
  • Who will have access to information on the cookies installed.
  • The time these cookies will be active.
  • Explicitly ask readers if they accept the use and installation of cookies.

Whenever we visit a website and see the annoying warning that the website uses cookies, people react in the following way:

  • They ignore it. The brain has the ability to omit information that it doesn’t find interesting
  • People are in a hurry today. Time is money and so they accept the warnings without wasting a single second and start reading what really interests them.
  • Only a very small percentage of users read and configure cookie preferences.

Therefore, in general terms, the measures adopted by the European Union are totally useless. They simply serve to annoy readers.

If they really want to do something useful, they should act directly on the browsers we use. They should implement tools so that users can manage cookies in a trivial way in the browser.

How to block the cookie notice of websites with the Google Chrome browser

If you’ve gotten to this point in the article, you’re likely tired of seeing the cookie message that every web page we visit regularly shows us.

Fortunately, we have several tools at our disposal that allow us to completely get rid of this message.

The application that allows us to eliminate the warnings on cookies is called I don´t care about cookies, an extension that we can download via this link from the Chrome browser. If we do this from another browser, we will not be able to install it. This is the same extension that we can find in the Firefox extension store and how it works is very similar.

Within the configuration options of this extension, we can determine which web pages can show the cookie warning.

It also allows us to select the type of cookies to block and which ones to accept. By default, the option is established that allows us to use the web pages that require cookies for their operation and without which we would not be able to access them correctly.

But if you do not want any cookies to be installed on your computer, you can set the more aggressive configuration of this extension, which is not recommended, or access the Chrome configuration options and block any cookies, since no third-party extension is needed for this, because all browsers offer us this option.

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