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How to create an animated meme

Memes took over the internet years ago. In the same way that emoticons and emojis in general manage to express a lot in a small space, memes have become part of digital popular culture, showing in images and animations an idea, parody or criticism of a news circulating on the networks.

Millions of people around the world choose “meme mode” to comment on something, to laugh at a situation or just to get a smile.

Today I will tell you step by step how to create an animated meme, and this time we will use the platform.

We choose the meme format

In this case it will be 4: 5. To do this, we will go to the More option, at the bottom, to select what our meme will look like. As you can see in the screenshot, there are options for all devices and by clicking on each format we are told which platform it is ideal for. 4: 5, as you can see, is ideal for Facebook and Instagram.

We search for a photo or upload it from our computer

The protagonist of the meme is the photo. We can search for funny photos in the built-in search engine, with the word Funny, for example, and select the one that will be used in the meme we thought of. We can also go to the middle section (add media files / local files) and upload our photo or one we downloaded from the Internet (by the way, beware of copyright).

Let’s adjust the photography

To make it appear complete, click Zoom / Fit. This will create a margin at the top and bottom, in case the photo doesn’t have exactly the same aspect ratio as the background. We also click on Animation to give the photo a zoom effect, so it will be more attractive.

We choose the colors

The document color will be the background color. Most months it has a black background, but it can be customized without any problems.

Let’s put the text

The key moment is the text. We chose the font and color and duplicated it to fill both the top and bottom.

We include elements

We can insert arrows, circles and icons of various types. The element search engine has thousands of illustrations that we can add to highlight certain areas of our meme. In the case of the example I put an animated arrow, pointing to the right face.

We export videos

The work is done, so we just have to export the video with the resolution we want. The payment plan allows you to export in high resolution, even if for a meme it is sufficient to do it in 480p, since it is usually distributed by messaging and social networks that do not require much more.

As you can see, it is not difficult to do this. The steps are similar to those that would be performed in any other online image editor, although with Flexclip it is particularly straightforward for those inexperienced with the subject.

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