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How to choose our ideal video game

We often spend hours of our days researching the internet when we have to choose a video game to buy to see if we will like it. When the time comes we go to the store, they ask us what we are looking for and we realize that we have no idea how to choose a video game.

Don’t worry and don’t be disappointed, it happened to everyone. When we talk about video games we have to make it clear that there are thousands of options, and that surely there is a perfect one waiting for you.

While it may seem trivial, not everyone knows how to choose a video game. The important thing is to know our tastes, what we expect from a game to understand which style or category is most suitable for us.

So take 5 minutes, relax and read this guide that will help you choose your next purchase.

What should you consider when choosing a game?

While there seems to be no way to make a bad decision in gaming entertainment, there really is!

Just like when we go to an amusement park and everything looks great, but when the roller coaster time comes we realize that we have made a wrong decision, because the terror of dizziness assails us taking away all the fun.

It happens in a similar way with video games, although more than fear we will feel disappointment or frustration and the idea is exactly the opposite, we want to relax, have fun or experience the thrill of a great adventure.

Likewise, it is possible that we end up with a game where we can shape the story, the character, the whole world to our liking – how could it not be great?

Well it will depend a lot on your tastes and the time you have in general, many players are passionate about this style of play, but others find it totally boring and even a waste of time.

The above leads us to two points which, for us, are very important in knowing how to choose a game.

It is evident that personal taste has the greatest weight in your final choice, you can choose the worst game in history according to critics, but it does not matter, if you enjoy playing it, it means that you have made a good choice.

When deciding how to choose a video game, it’s not just about taste, but also about time. Remember that the time you spend playing will affect your gaming experience, so you should consider the following.

Factors to consider when choosing a video game

Your availability: We can all play, but not all of us can be connected 24 hours a day. There are games where eliminating an enemy can take a long time, like in World of Warcraft.

Game Time: Refers to how long it takes a player on average to win the game, satisfying the game’s main line of events.

Attention to storyline: We refer by this point to the amount of time you can keep your attention on a game. If you are a busy person who plays 1 or 2 days a week or less. If after 1 week or 3 days it is difficult for you to remember where you were in the story, the things you still had to solve in the game or even think about starting over because you don’t even know how to continue, maybe these games are not for you.

Now, no matter how many months, storms or disasters have passed, when you sit down to play and remember everything you need to do, and stay in total connection with the game, then not only have you found the right game, but you will begin to have a idea of ​​which style of play is best for you.

The genres of video games and the way to choose the right one

As the complexity of video games has increased over the years, the boundaries between genres have been blurred, but it is still a good reference for knowing the type of game we will find.

The first thing to keep in mind when buying a video game, especially if it is for us, your children or as a gift, is the age range. In Europe, the PEGI code is used, which shows the recommended minimum age in the lower left corner of the cover of all games.

While there is no direct relationship, some genres are easier to find in games for all ages than others. For example, there will not be much difficulty in finding a product suitable for the little ones of the house in a platform game, but in an action game, where titles for the over 16 and 18 years predominate, it will be more difficult, even if not. impossible.

Of course, just because a game has a recommended minimum age of 3 or 7 doesn’t mean it can’t be played by an adult. While there are games designed specifically for children, most are designed for a wide age range.

Platform video games

This is one of the oldest genres of video games in the world and is still in excellent health today. The usual goal is usually to reach the end of a series of stages of increasing difficulty with a character jumping from platform to platform (hence his name).

There are highly recommended classic titles, such as “Super Mario Odyssey” for Switch, Nintendo’s new laptop or “Ori and the blind forest” for XBOX One. For some time now, titles that include a level editor have also become fashionable, in which the player can create their own screens and share them “online” with other users, such as “Super Mario Maker” on Wii U or “Little Big Planet. 3 “on Sony consoles.

Driving video games

Although you can find games in which to race on different types of vehicles, the most common driving games are car racing and they are divided into several categories:

– Arcade: Named after arcade car games, which provided fast and intense races with a coin. They don’t try to offer realistic guidance, but rather entertaining. A clear example of this type of game is “Mario Kart”, in its 8 Deluxe version for Nintendo Switch. With a more serious visual aspect, you can find video games like “Driveclub” on PS4 and “Forza Horizon 3” on Microsoft consoles.

– Simulators: These video games require much finer control, as their goal is to get as close to reality as possible and no two game offer vehicles are handled alike. Its “online” modes are generally very competitive and dirty play is often frowned upon by players, unlike other racing games and other genres. Titles like “Project CARS 2” are very popular with console control, but with a steering wheel they are more interesting.

Action and adventure video games

The action video game category is a bit mixed. They usually include both shooting games and exploration games.

Within shooting games, first person games are all the rage. The camera is positioned where the player’s view would be and the character cannot be seen, only the weapon. The “online” or multiplayer mode prevails, competitive (fight against other players) in titles like “The Last of Us” and cooperative in others like “Destiny”.

You can also find open world games, usually with the camera behind the character, in which almost total freedom is allowed to explore the huge game scenarios throughout the story, as in “Horizon: Zero Dawn” or “Metal Gear Solid. “. V The Phantom Pain “(which will release its next installment,” Metal Gear Survive “in 2018); or” Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild “, where fantasy takes on a life of its own.

This genre includes good horror games such as ‘Alien Isolation’, based on the Ridley Scott films, where you have to survive using stealth in a spaceship, or ‘Until Dawn’, which is rather an interactive film inspired by teenage horror stories of the 90s.

Combat video games

Fighting games usually involve one-on-one or all-against-all melee combat. There are more casual ones, like “Super Smash Bros” on Nintendo consoles, perfect for playing together, based on cartoon series, like “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” or “One Piece Pirate Warriors”, or more serious like ” Tekken 7 “,” Mortal Kombat X “or” Guilty Gear “.

Multiplayer role-playing video games

They are a type of adventure game, usually of a longer duration, and in which the story has a very important weight. They are highly customizable, both in the character’s appearance and in his equipment, leveling and abilities. To play alone “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda” are excellent references.

Other types of RPGs, commonly known as MMOs, are played “online”, with hundreds of players at the same time. There are those that require a monthly subscription, such as “World of Warcraft”, or without it, as in the case of “Guild Wars 2”.

Sports video games

New editions of the most successful sports video games are regularly released every year, with small playable news and updated models. The most popular are soccer games, such as “FIFA” and “PES”, and basketball games, such as NBA 2k. In recent months, other alternative sports games, such as “Skate 3”, have also been very popular. Or the “XBLA test evolution”.

Other categories of video games

There are video games of other themes that also have many followers, such as dance games, which make use of Microsoft’s Kinect camera; musical games, which use peripherals such as guitars or microphones; or puzzle games, where you have to use logic to solve the problems they pose. The variety available to the player is such that it is worth trying different genres from time to time.

Considering that video games are not free (and our playing time is precious), it is necessary to be careful which titles we decide to search for, buy and eventually play.

That’s why the guys from the Silver Oaks blog have created an infographic that asks us a series of questions and, little by little, leads us to a recommendation that fits us perfectly.

This giant infographic should help us find the game that’s right for us.

The flowchart is very comprehensive, with popular games like Street Fighter IV and much lesser-known titles like Suikoden II (a gem for JRPG lovers). The first time I tried it, it brought me to Portal 2, one of my favorite games of all time; I can assure you that the flowchart is brilliantly designed.

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