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How to block apps starting on windows 10

In this guide we will see how to disable programs that start automatically in Windows 10 in different ways.

One of the worst things that exists when you turn on your computer is all that waiting time that begins from when you start the session until you can start using the PC.

If this process takes a long time, it may be due to the number of applications that automatically open when the computer starts. Fortunately, it is possible to remove any startup program from Windows 10.

If your pc doesn’t support this operating system and you have an older one, don’t worry: it is possible to prevent a program from running when any version of Windows starts.

How to prevent certain applications from running when Windows 10 starts

To remove programs that start when Windows starts, there are two ways to do this. It is preferable to follow the first path, even if a little longer, since the second allows you to disable some functions necessary for the correct operation of the equipment.

In this first method useful for removing applications that start automatically in Windows, simply type in the search engine Startup apps and change your options here. 

The less you have, the faster your computer will boot up when you turn it on. Just click on each of the applications taking into account that those that are in green will be launched and those that are in gray will have to be opened manually later.

The second method is to block apps that start automatically in Windows 10 through the use of the Task Manager. For this option, hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Alt + Esc keys to access the Task Manager.

Here go to the Start menu and you will see the applications that open when Windows starts. To remove any applications, right-click on one of them and click Disable.

This process is more risky since it is possible to eliminate any possible function necessary for the correct operation of the equipment, although usually everything that appears in this menu can be eliminated without problems.

That said, you’ve already learned how not to run a program when Windows 10 starts, and you’ve certainly speeded up your computer on system startup.

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