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How to activate Heads Up on Android for safer walking

Your android phone can help you avoid accidents when you use it while walking by activating the Heads Up option. Let’s see how to do it.

Unlike computers, phones keep us glued to the screen even when we’re not seated. This can cause significant distractions and serious accidents while driving, but also when walking.

The simplest example: crossing a street without looking at the cars that are arriving because you are looking at your mobile.

Google has added a new option to Android’s collection of digital wellness tools called ” Heads Up”. It’s one of the most curious and useful features this suite of tools includes, as it can even save your life.

That’s what Google called this new digital wellness feature. Through it, it will attract the attention of the users who use the phone while walking. 

To do this, the tool detects that the user is moving, that he is using the phone and that his head is looking at the phone. At that point, it will send a notification to alert the user.

Activate Google’s “look ahead” mode to avoid accidents while walking

Google explains that “Look ahead” is a feature designed to receive reminders when using your smartphone while walking. 

However, the company indicates that Heads Up does not replace the act of paying attention and for this reason recommends that you do not rely 100% on this feature when walking down the street using your mobile phone.

Currently, the feature is only available on Google Pixel series devices. It is likely to reach more phones in the future and outside of the beta version of the app. 

To enable the “Look ahead” option, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Digital Wellbeing app.
  2. Open the Settings application on your mobile.
  3. Go to the “Digital wellbeing and parental control” section.
  4. Tap “Look ahead”.
  5. Grant the necessary permissions and activate the feature.

In case the conditions are met, we will see a  eminder at the top encouraging us to look straight ahead and take our eyes off the mobile to avoid accidents while walking.

Whether it is useful or not is something we will see in the coming months and as users use the feature. To a large extent it will depend on whether Google decides to roll it out to other mobile phones as well and expand it beyond the Digital Wellbeing beta. If other manufacturers’ versions don’t come out sooner, of course.

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