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How does not strain your eyes with Chrome

Tired eyes are one of the main consequences of spending too many hours in front of the computer. Chrome helps us not to tire our eyes with some useful extensions.

Undoubtedly one of the main ailments that people who spend many hours in front of a screen suffer from every day is visual fatigue. That enormous weight on the eyelids and the difficulty of focusing correctly on what we are facing are some of the most common symptoms of this type of disorder.

It is that blue light emitted by our computer screens that strain our eyes the most during the day, and today we bring you two interesting Chrome extensions that will allow us to relax our eyes a little more.

How not to strain your eyes using a colored filter on chrome

Just like years ago we used filters for CRT monitors, those of tube televisions, now you can use a colored filter that eliminates that blue tone so that our eyes are more relaxed during the day. 

This filter eliminates blue light and replaces it with a sepia color that does not have that hue and therefore relaxes our eyes more when we spend many hours in front of our computer monitor. The extension calculates the time of day we are in and adjusts the screen light so that our eyes are more relaxed when night comes.

This way, it prepares us with a lighter sepia tone filter in the afternoon, and intensifies it as night falls, to completely eliminate blue light. This will help us sleep better, although obviously this filter alone won’t do wonders. We will have to make more responsible use of technology by limiting the time we spend in front of a screen.

This extension also allows us to alter the main color of this filter to make it better adapt to the environment in which we find ourselves

The extension is called Screen Shader F.lux for Chrome and we can download it from the Google Chrome Web Store. As you can see it is a very simple extension but it can help us a lot with the problem of eyestrain that we normally suffer when we spend many hours in front of a monitor.

Care your Eyes helps you fight tired eyesight

Once again, Chrome extensions can help us take care of our health too. This extension called Care your Eyes has been specially designed to combat the effects of tired eyesight, that is the fatigue that the computer screen can generate on our eyes.

It is an extension as simple as it is useful, in fact as everyone knows, the best way to combat tired eyes when we are in front of the computer is to stop and relax the eyes by looking at other places that do not have a backlight like the monitor. Those of us who are exposed to screen light for more than an hour a day need to take periodic breaks so that our eyesight doesn’t suffer more than necessary.

Well, what the Care your Eyes extension does is just that, reminding us that we must stop for a moment to relax our eyes, all with the aim that our eyes do not get tired more than necessary. Once the extension is installed, Save My Eyes will calculate the maximum time we have to stay in front of the computer screen, and will warn us if we have been there too long.

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