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Gooload: mp3 search engine, find and download music easily

Imagine you have a very specific song in your head. You always hum the melody and when you sit on the subway you can’t keep your legs still and you make the rhythm of this song dance. The problem is that you don’t have the song in your playlist and above all you want to have the song as an MP3 and not as a file in some cloud.

You just want to have this favorite song for yourself. You can find your favorite song on gooload, with which you have the opportunity to switch from your catchy melody to an MP3 file. All you have to do is enter the song title in the search field and Google will show you all matching entries in the results list.

You don’t know the title of that particular song, but do you know the artist or the band? Simply use the artist list for your search and find not only the title you want, but much more information and other songs and albums by your favorite artist of the moment.

What is Gooload and how does the MP3 search engine work?

Right, Gooload is actually a very simple search engine, at least so it seems, that you can use very easily. An input window is available for you in the page focus. You can easily write the name of the song or the artist and start your search.

To do this, you just have to confirm the data entered with the Enter key and you will receive all the Google results that exist specifically for the search term and especially in the MP3 format.

The way this search works is based on the complex algorithms by which search engines like Google crawl the web. However, the exact indicators and factors included for this remain hidden from users. But that doesn’t change the simplest possible way to find your favorite song in MP3 format, and most importantly, listen to it.

The function offered to you on Gooload with the Artist Directory is particularly practical. This artist database shows you in alphabetical order which bands and artists are directly available for MP3 searching. The selection still allows you to search for artists you may not know, or you can find bands whose songs you would like to hear as well.

Sure, music streaming services are handy, but you usually have to get paid subscriptions to use them and then always pay for features you don’t usually want to use. Also, this means you can use the cloud to listen to your favorite song online, but the file won’t be in your possession.

You always have to rely on the cloud and therefore depend on server availability, online access and above all the service provider. What happens to your favorite songs and lists if the website fails?

With Gooload you have the possibility to find the available MP3 songs and download them. Of course, you have to pay attention to the licenses or copyrights of the content creators and artists to use.

With the hit selection being initiated via Gooload, it’s particularly easy to find your current favorite song and legally purchase it directly from various vendors. There you can download the MP3 file according to the respective guidelines and use it for yourself: on your computer, on your MP3 player, on a USB stick or on other writable data carrier such as a CD-ROM.


Streaming services promise users a wide range of choices. There you can, for example, put together lists according to your mood. The problem is that if you stop paying for subscriptions, you will lose all your saved lists.

With the MP3 search on Gooload, you can search for your favorite song yourself, find it using the Google results list and then choose the right site to download your MP3 file.

There you can listen, buy or download the song. Gooload’s clear operating system also gives you the ability to search for bands and artists in the artist list and thus find entire albums. All via a single input window.

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