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Google Maps will start showing the price of the tolls

After introducing the ability to check the price of gasoline or the position of traffic lights on the map, Google Maps is now preparing to introduce the possibility of automatically checking the price of tolls.

As explained on AndroidPolice, Maps will show not only the price of the tolls, but also the payment bridges and any other type of place that could involve a payment to be able to access with our vehicle.

Soon Google Maps will become even more useful by showing you the price of tolls directly

While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, everything seems to indicate that Google Maps will show prices directly on the map when planning a trip. Likewise, it will be possible to show the total of the journey, counting the prices of all tolls that may exist during the journey.

Google Maps has been identifying toll routes for years, and even allows you to plan routes avoiding tolls. But for now, the prices of these aren’t shown as they do with the fuel price.

However, currently no one, not even users of the Beta program of the application, can see the prices in the navigation paths, but the confirmation comes from a member of the Beta program who had to answer a survey to find out how to implement the functionality in the best of ways. ways.

No doubt it will be interesting to be able to see the toll prices on our routes, in order to be prepared or even to make better decisions, because sometimes, our desire to avoid a toll can lead us to take a road that costs us more in fuel. .

As a curiosity, it should be remembered that this function is inherited from Waze, the other Google maps and navigation app, acquired in 2013. For years, Waze has already shown estimates of the price of tolls on the routes.

To conclude, it is worth remembering that there are currently alternative apps to Maps that allow you to check the price of tolls and get an estimate of the total price of our route. Of all, the official ViaMichelin app is one of the most popular.

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