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Gmail tricks to free up space and put your mail in order

Gmail is a very practical email service, but you will inevitably end up with a cluttered inbox. We teach you to free up space and tidy up at the same time.

You most likely have a Gmail account, either because you use Google services like YouTube or Google Drive, or because you like to manage your mail through this free service. Easy to use, always available and with a lot of space, Gmail is a good email service. But sooner or later it will be inevitable that your inbox will fill up and you will be forced to free up space.

In principle, Gmail offers 15 GB of available space. This space is shared with Google Drive and Google Photos. More than enough for your email. At least if you do not abuse sending and receiving attachments. But everything has a solution. Let’s see how you can free up space and get a neat and organized inbox.

Choose Gmail attachments to free up space

Let’s start with the main reason your Gmail account is saturated. Email messages take up very little space. The 15GB that Google offers for free usually ends up in large files like songs, videos or photos.

To free up space in your Gmail account and get more space for more emails, Gmail offers us a way to detect the heaviest messages. So you can download attachments, save them and delete large messages.

From the Gmail search field, clicking on it will bring up the advanced search options. We are only interested in the Contains attachments option, which we will mark.

Then click Search. Thanks to this filter, we will only see emails with attachments. This will make it easier and faster to find large emails and free up space in minutes.

Choose large emails

A similar solution to the previous one is to look for emails that exceed a certain weight. Google recommends this solution for finding large messages. Specifically, it allows you to search for messages larger than 10MB.

Still from the Gmail search box, you need to enter the command has:attachment larger:10M. What it will do is display emails that contain attachments that are larger than 10MB in size. You can change the number to another.

Clean your Gmail Spam folder from time to time

It sounds like a truism, but you will be surprised at people who forget their Gmail Spam folder. A folder where unwanted or suspicious messages go. One of the things Gmail does best is process spam.

But messages classified as such end up in a forgotten folder which accumulates amount of emails taking up space. To free up that space, you just need to go to the Spam folder and empty it.

The past has passed

Although with the above tricks we will have got rid of the heavier emails from Gmail, we can still do some cleaning and free up space as we remove old and outdated content.

There are old messages to keep, but other emails may be out of date and of little use. Also, if you want to save them, you can download them to your computer and leave free space in Gmail.

To see Gmail messages based on age, we can use the older command in the search box: YYYY / MM / DD where A is Year, M is Month and G is Day. For example, I want to see my emails before 2015, I will search for older: 01/01/2015.

this way you will see if there are any messages that deserve to be saved or messages that you can send to the Trash.

Beware of Google Drive and Google Photos

We said that Gmail shares available storage space with Google Drive and Google Photos. That is, the free 15GB must be shared with your Drive files and documents or with your photos and videos from Google Photos.

For this reason, cleaning up the files in these tools also affects the storage space available in the email service.

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