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FutureMe: write an email in the future to ourselves

Do you want to send a message to yourself in the future? with this site it is now possible. Once we have written what we want to deliver to ourselves, we will only have to choose the date in the future in which we want to receive the email.

In the new year, resolutions are on the agenda: starting the gym, reading books, traveling, improving as people.

However, many of these promises tend to hang in the air after a few months of the year. The worst part is that the future will always remind us of what we have stopped doing.

However, we have found a tool that will allow you to send a letter to your “me” with a message of any that would surely question or make you appreciate much more the success you have achieved with your goals.

It is a site called FutureMe and, as we have said, it will allow you to write a letter to yourself, to be received in the future.

How to email yourself in the future

What would you tell yourself about the future? Would you ask him to change something? Do you want to remind him of how we used to be? Thanks to the Internet you can write messages to read in the future and remember or recall important moments in your life.

This possibility seems very interesting due to the amount of things we dream of accomplishing and the uncertainty as to whether we will actually accomplish it. If you are focused on achieving any goal, you could write to yourself in 3 or 5 years to remind yourself where you were and how far you have come. 

It sounds like a movie story, but it’s really interesting and even funny and Futureme opens up that possibility in a very simple way.

With FutureMe you can send yourself a letter on a specific date or simply select one, three or five years of time.

Once you enter the website you have to click on the link above “Write a letter to the future” and this will take you directly to the editor. It is a text field where you can start writing everything you want to say to your future “me” or why not? to someone else you know.

At the end, just below this field are the controls to determine when you want to receive the letter: 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. In addition, you can configure the letter so that other users of the platform can see it or, conversely, make it private so that only you receive it.

Finally enter your email address, this will send a link to confirm the action, enter it and that’s it. This way you just have to wait for the configured time interval to receive your message from the past.

If we go to their official Twitter account, users who have tried the service are more than satisfied to be able to access this personal experience. Many have been happy, others have cried; but everyone had the feeling that they remembered how good it was to live or achieve their goals.

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