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Is the Emule server list empty? how to update it

Do you have an empty emule server list? This is the best way to update new eMule servers for free, delete old ones that no longer work and take full advantage of this fantastic download tool.

EMule is a program that was very successful a few years ago and users could download almost anything.

Today eMule is still a good program to download TV series and movies in HD quality by following this simple trick.

But one of the fundamental components of this p2p program are its servers. In recent years, many of these servers have been shut down, others have been filled with viruses, and others are fake servers to make your downloads difficult.

In this article I will show you how to update the server list for eMule for free to avoid your list being empty.

How to update emule servers for free

eMule is a p2p download network, meaning we connect directly to other download managers to share our files. For such a connection to take place, we need a series of servers to which we connect via a TCP port.

Once connected and registered on a server, our eMule program obtains the necessary information about the files we are looking for.

Likewise, the information of the files we share will be available to other users. For this communication to be effective and fruitful, eMule’s server list must be up to date and contain good servers.

The servers necessary for the proper functioning of eMule are saved in the server.met file . This file is located in the “config” subfolder located in the main eMule directory.

This file cannot be edited directly, so we need to configure the program to properly update the servers.

These are the steps you need to follow to   successfully  update eMule servers.

Within the server preferences in the program, you need to mark the following options:

The first is to automatically download the server list on startup. So that the list of servers used by the program is updated as soon as it is opened.

Once you’ve enabled the option, click the List button. In the text window that opens, copy and paste one of the following URLs:

  •  (only for eMule AdunanzA)

Save this text file as  adresses.dat .

The second option to activate is Refresh the server list when you connect to a server. When you connect to a specific server, the server list will update automatically.

We recommend that you also enable the Low ID check on connection and Use priority system options.

Add a single server to eMule

You can also add individual eMule servers to the program from the program’s Servers tab. You just need to know the server IP and its connection port to complete the fields and click the Add button.

The individual servers for eMule you add will appear in the main program list. Don’t forget to configure and open the necessary ports for eMule and avoid the low ID when connecting to a server.

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