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Download YouTube videos with chrome extensions

Do you need to download videos from YouTube or other content platforms? We offer you free Chrome extensions that will be very useful to you.

In this post, we introduce you to 5 Chrome extensions, which you can use to download videos from a multitude of Internet platforms.

Doing so will save you the need to install programs on your computer, or to use specific web services to download videos.

The best chrome extensions to download YouTube videos for free


Video DownloadHelper is one of the extensions, which we can use completely free of charge, to download our favorite videos from the Internet, from the Google Chrome browser.

Video DownloadHelper allows you to download videos in a multitude of formats, including MP4, one of the most compatible with all types of multimedia devices. It also includes a blacklist function, which will help us prevent the download of files that include advertisements.


Video Downloader Professional is an extension for downloading videos from the Internet, using the Google Chrome browser, which focuses on the YouTube platform. In addition, it will also help us to send the video files to our Chromecast device, to be able to view them in the most comfortable way possible with our TV. This means that if we install this extension, we will kill two birds with one stone.

When you download a YouTube video using Video Downloader Professional, the extension will offer you the option to choose from various video formats, including the popular MP4, so that you won’t have any problems when it comes to playing them on any type of device.


Flash Video Downloader is an extension, which has been available for a long time in the Google Chrome virtual store, and has received very positive ratings from users. The extension adds an icon in the address bar of the Chrome browser, which will change color when you access a web page, which contains a video that you can download using this extension.

Flash Video Downloader is a very simple extension to use, which will allow you to download many videos from virtually any web page on the Internet. This makes this extension a sort of Swiss army knife, which cannot be missing on the computer of any video content enthusiast.


The Flash Video Downloader is an excellent extension that we can use to download a multitude of videos from the Internet.

The main virtue of this tool is that it is a very light extension, so it will not overload your Chrome browser excessively and it will practically not affect its operating speed.

The Flash Video Downloader extension also adds a small button to the Chrome browser extension bar, which you can use to see all available versions of the videos found on a given webpage.


VLC Video Downloader is for many users the best extension that we can use in Chrome, to download videos from many web pages on the Internet. One of its main features is that it allows you to download both single videos and full playlists with just a few clicks.

Another very interesting feature of this extensive how-to is that it is compatible with major video formats on the market, including .FLV, .MP4, .AVI, .ASF, .MPEG, and many more. A perfect extension to use with popular platforms like Dailymotion and Vimeo.

We hope you found this article on the best Chrome extensions to download videos from YouTube and other Internet platforms very useful.

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