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Download all torrents of the web from Chrome in one click

With which program are you looking for your torrents? Probably from the Google Chrome web browser, because it is the software with the highest usage share in its category. The news is that now you can not have to use a separate program to download torrent files, but you can do it directly with Google Chrome, and you only need the extension that we show you in this guide.

Torrents and P2P networks in general are too often associated with software piracy and illegal downloading of content.

However, this system for sharing files on the Internet is one of the most used to download totally legal software and files which, for reasons of size, find their ideal space for diffusion in P2P networks.

Torrent files are nothing more than files that contain the location data of a particular file and which, via a torrent client, connects to that location and downloads the file.

As a general rule, this torrent client must be installed on the device where you want to receive the file download. But what if the device you want to receive the download on doesn’t allow you to install any programs or you don’t want to use your computer’s limited resources to do so?

For this, there are some alternatives with which you will not need to install any software, which you will find very interesting if you want to download files to a work computer.

How to Download All Torrents on the Web with Chrome

There are people who do not want to use additional software for this type of business, so we will help them in this regard. Specifically, we will show you some alternatives to download torrent files from the browser itself.

Specifically, we will focus on the most used and widespread software of this type, such as Google’s proposal, Chrome and some of its extensions.


One such extension that we can use to download torrents is Bitford. We can download it for free from the Google Chrome store. It is a BitTorrent client created for this browser and which offers us several interesting features.

Among these functions we can view the videos we are downloading in Streaming. For example, a utility to watch a movie before it is fully downloaded. It is a program made in JavaScript and has no additional tools that you need.

Furthermore, this program is open source. We can check this out on Github. Its use is very simple and intuitive. In a few minutes we can have it ready for use in Google Chrome.


It’s called JSTorrent, you can download it for Chrome, and it’s the extension that allows us to download torrents directly from the Google web browser from the extension itself, send them to play on any TV with a Chromecast connected.

And of course, always having the computer and television (Chromecast) connected to the same local network. The point is that with its latest update, support for magnetic links has been added.

That is, it is no longer necessary to download the .torrent and add it manually, but on websites such as KickAssTorrent or The Pirate Bay Among many others similar, but we can download via magnet link.

Torrent Search: in case you want to download torrents with a program

An extension for Google Chrome that will allow us to have a search engine for torrent files just a click away.

Basically once you have typed the name of the file you want to track down, Torrent Search will scan for us on the main torrent search engines such as: The Pirate Bay, Kickasstorrents, Isohunt, Fenopy and many others.

How to install and use Torrent Search?

  1. Download Torrent Search by clicking on this link which will take you to the official Google Chrome extension portal.
  2. Click on “Install”
  3. A green icon with a white T will appear at the top right, clicking on it will open a new tab.
  4. Now you just have to write the name of the file you want in the search bar of the new tab.
  5. After you have chosen the result you prefer, click on it and you will be redirected to the membership site where you can download the torrent file through your BitTorrent, uTorrent or other client.

A great free extension that is able to save us a lot of time by doing extensive research for us.

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