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Download a Torrent without install software

In this article we show you how to download torrent files without having to install a program like Vuze, Bittorent, uTorrent, etc. Very useful for users who do not want to install such a program or who do not use P2P clients a lot.

Downloading torrents is not like a direct download where you click the link and automatically, after a few minutes, it appears in a folder on your computer.

No, to download torrents you need a torrent client to upload the downloaded magnetic files to and it will automatically start the download process. But we can’t always have a client on hand, and there are ways to download torrents in the cloud.

Torrent networks have become one of the main tools when it comes to sharing and downloading all types of files on the internet. It is a system, in which all users share files with each other, so that it is possible to download them very quickly. We present some ways to download all types of torrent files from the Internet, very conveniently and without the need to install programs.

How to download torrents without programs


Bitford is  an extension for the Google Chrome browser written in javascript, which is available completely free of charge, using the extension is as simple as accessing its official website and clicking on the button that says “Add to Chrome”.

Bitford works as a BitTorrent client, which has been specially designed for Google’s web browser, and will allow you to download all types of files from torrent networks, without having to install a program on your computer.

Another very cool feature of this extension is that you can watch the videos before they finish downloading through a simple streaming service.


To download torrent files, you can use the Torrent2exe page, which converts  .torrent  files into executable  .exe files.

Enter the URL of the torrent file or select it from your hard drive. You can choose between  Small size  to have a small file size (but the add-ons will download automatically) or Normal size to have a larger file but this will not require an additional download.

Then click Start Download and select the location where the executable file will be saved.

Once the executable file is downloaded, run it to download your torrent file.

Note: If you select the Small size option, a security message may appear, this is normal. If the executable file cannot be downloaded with this option, select Normal size.


JSTorrent is another extension available for Google’s web browser, which we can use to download torrent files from the Internet. Its operation is very simple, since the torrent will be downloaded as if it were a file downloaded from any website.

Undoubtedly one of the best extensions we can use to manage our downloads, it will also show us additional information such as file size and current download speed.

JSTorrent has the small drawback of being a payment extension, although its price is only € 2.29 .


If you are looking to download torrent files without even using an extension in your web browser, you can turn to Bitport. It is a web portal with which you can download all types of torrent files, simply by pasting the link of the file in question.

Bitport is also characterized by offering a storage space in the cloud, which you can use to stream your content, which you have downloaded via torrent networks.

The free version gives you 1 GB of cloud storage, if you need more space you can use the paid version. Without a doubt, it is a service to consider if you are passionate about streaming, to the different computers and devices you have at home.


uTorrent Web is a small tool that we can also use to download torrent files without having to install any type of program on our computer. uTorrent Web needs us to download a small executable to work, although we will use it directly without doing any installation.

Once this service is up and running, we just need to double-click on a torrent file, so that it starts downloading in a new tab of our web browser.


We conclude with Seedr, another web portal that will allow us to download torrent files without installing anything on our PC. All we have to do is log into its official website and from there open the torrent link to start the download.

In this case, they also offer us a small 2GB cloud storage, which we can use for streaming to our different devices. We can even send the content to a Chromecast device.

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