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Cut Mp3 audio files online

You will surely have happened to want to cut an mp3 file, to create a new ringtone for your mobile phone, and not to have a program installed on your computer capable of doing this.

There are numerous programs online that allow you to crop audio files quickly and for free.

If you need to trim audios, whether to customize your cellphone ringtones from your favorite songs or to change the sound of a podcast or other program you’re working on, read on: we explain the best online tools for that. purpose.

How and where to cut audio files online


AudioTrimmer is a perfect tool for creating ringtones quickly and at no cost. This site works perfectly whether you open it from your laptop or do it directly from your smartphone. 

It supports formats like MP3, WAV and WMA and with it you will be able to trim as many clips as you want as long as its maximum size is 100MB. It also allows you to change the speed of the audio, apply transitions to the file you are working on and create voice tones to turn them into ringtones or alarm tones.

A really complete website, easy to use and free. You can try AudioTrimmer by clicking on the link.


Online Audio Cutter is a 123APPS tool, a platform that allows you to edit and edit both audio and video online and for free. 

To cut the audio you are interested in, select the file from your hard drive and let it load. Then, choose the start and end point of the cut with the help of the sliders. Click the Play button to hear the selection and choose the output format.

Click the Cut button, check if you need to fade in and out, and then click Download to save the file to your hard drive. 

It supports more than 300 audio and video formats, even allowing you to extract audio from a video you upload. So you can extract it in up to five different formats. Mp3cut is very easy to use. 


Ringer, a Trimmer-like platform, is specifically dedicated to creating cell phone ringtones. For this reason, you can only save audio in MP3 or M4R (the iOS ringtone format), although you can load audio files in the most common formats, such as AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA …

Ringer It doesn’t allow you to include effects other than changing the volume, but its website is extremely easy to use and quick when you download the tone you create. If you need to make a cut right now to make a mobile ringtone, this is your program. You can use Ringer by clicking on the link.


Clideo is another of the most used pages for cutting audio online. After uploading the file you want to edit, you can add input and output effects to the audio, save it in different formats and resize it. 

Then download it and save it wherever you like. You can work with all kinds of formats and the platform also ensures total privacy for the audios you upload. Does it convince you? Well, go to the Clideo website   to start cutting your audios.

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