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Create GIFs from youtube videos on Android, iPhone and PC

The GIF format is nothing new, but it’s more fashionable than ever. If we take a look on any social network, we will find them everywhere. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to know how to convert youtube videos to amazing GIFs. In this article, we show you how.

Over the years, GIFs have become an established way of expressing a feeling or a quick piece of information. Why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words. In a context where one cannot speak, it is the best way to make people understand what is meant.

On the Internet there are many sites that allow us to find them, and also applications for Android that function as a repository of GIF material. But sometimes even those large databases can fail when we try to search for something specific.

One solution is to use youtube videos. There are two typical ways to convert youtube videos to GIF on Android. Perhaps the fastest is to convert a video to GIF online from the same browser on your Android.

Create a GIF from a YouTube video

One of the methods we will use is the Giphy site, not only because it is one of the most used in the world for uploading and sharing GIFs, but because many major social networks like Facebook or Twitter use their GIF database to share them.

Create a GIF via a relatively simple YouTube video and you just have to copy its URL and insert it into the Giphy creator. But if in doubt, today we will explain step by step how you can do it.

The first thing you need to do is go to the YouTube video you want to convert to GIF. When you’re in it, copy the URL of the video you have into the address bar, as that’s what you’ll need to use to proceed.

Then go to the Once inside, click on the Create button  you have at the top of the screen and it will take you to the menu to create GIF from a video.

You will go to a screen with several options. Ignore the first two and enter the YouTube video URL in the Add any URL section, inside the text box you’ll get for that. The website will automatically read the video address and, without you having to do anything, will instantly take you to the editing process screen. The video must be less than 15 minutes long.

Now, in several steps you will be able to edit the video to configure the GIF. In the first step you can choose its duration and the minute and second of the video from which the GIF starts. The maximum length of the GIF is 15 seconds, but the longer you do it, the heavier it will weigh and the longer it will take to load when you share it.

In the second step, you will be able to add various types of elements to the GIF. On the one hand you can insert texts, but you can also add stickers, filters and drawings.

In the third and last step you just need to add the source you got the video from. You will also have an Add Tag field where you can add tags to locate the video in Giphy’s internal search engine. Once you’ve added what you want, click the Upload to GIF button and the web will start creating the GIF.

And that’s it, once the GIF is created, it will stay in Giphy’s database, and you just have to share it in any way you like. For this, the web offers you several options, add it to your account favorites, copy the address in the GIF, download it or a code to insert it on the web.

The second method is to use On this site, you can convert video to GIF online from your Android. You can choose the video file saved in the phone memory. You can also convert a YouTube video to GIF by entering the video URL. Apparently you can enter web addresses from other platforms as well, such as Vimeo.

On you can add effects, stickers, text, draw and edit the GIF in different ways. Of course, you can also change the duration, the start and the end. The downside is that the GIF will come out with a watermark. To remove this watermark, you need to subscribe to the service.

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