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Chrome extension for not straining the eyes to the computer

One of the most well-known problems for users who spend many hours in front of the computer is the sight, too much time in front of the screen could in fact strain our eyes and also cause damage, today we will see a simple application that will allow us to strain them as little as possible when we surf the internet.

Remember to take breaks at regular intervals, but the main problem is often linked to eyestrain is the high brightness of the screen which in the long run can create real vision problems.

For this reason it is advisable to adjust the brightness of the display lighting to your liking. Sometimes changing the basic setting does not solve the problem and for this reason, it may be necessary to resort to the resource called Sunglasses.

How to avoid eye strain on the Computer with the Sunglasses extension

We are talking about an interesting extension dedicated to Google Chrome, which will allow you to apply adjustable shading to all web pages, offering the same functionality offered by a pair of sunglasses.

Once again, Chrome extensions can help us find solutions beyond rigorous productivity, but now they also care about our health. This extension called Sunglasses has been specially designed to combat the effects of eyestrain, or the tiredness that the computer screen can generate on our eyes.

After installing the extension, you will see a new icon inside the address bar and by clicking, a pop-up window appears where an indicator is available to adjust the degree of shading desired and suited to your needs.

Of course, before applying the actual changes, you can preview the extension window by clicking the Save button when the shading is perfect.

What do you think about it? Isn’t that a good way to have something truly unique at your disposal? Are you ready to use Sunglasses?

It is a simple and quick extension to use and install, perfect for those looking for a little comfort for their PC view.

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