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Bit Che: software to search Torrent files

Torrent downloads work a little differently than downloads from the ed2k network. Although both technologies are called P2P, to download files from the BitTorrent network, you must first search the network for a file with the necessary metadata to connect to the tracker and start downloading the files, as there is no central server and each user will have to function as a small private server.

There are many web pages for searching for torrent files and magnetic links (links similar to a URL that do not require a previous download of the file and are automatically loaded into the download client), however to find very specific content we have to resort to manual search on multiple servers, which can be annoying and time-consuming.

Bit Che is a free application for Windows that allows us to search on 50 different torrent trackers with a single search as well as download the torrent file and get the magnet link directly from the application without having to open the web browser to do so.

Bit Che, a software to search for torrent files in a fast, easy and free way

Bit Che - Very useful, practical and fast torrent file search software

Bit Che is a completely free software for all users and free of malware and unwanted software which can be downloaded  from its main website .

Once the client has been downloaded, we will install it as a normal application, always reading the wizard windows, and once the installation is finished it will be ready to be used. The first thing we will see when we run it will be a window divided into 3 parts:

  • The upper part, reserved for research.
  • The left side, where we can select the servers we want to search on.
  • The right part, where the search results will be displayed.

The first thing we need to do is select the servers on which we will do the searches. Although there are more than 50, it is advisable to mark only the usual servers or the ones we use the most, as some of the lesser known ones may have files with few sources not suitable for our needs.

Once the servers are selected, we will look for a specific file to download. To do this, we will write the name of the content to search in the search bar at the top and press the enter key or click the search button.

We will wait a few seconds and the results obtained will appear.

Once we have the results in the software, all we have to do is double click on the name of the search result that best suits our needs and our torrent client will automatically run and start downloading the file we have selected.

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