The best websites to watch football matches in streaming

How do you watch football matches for free on the Internet? Here’s how to stream games on your PC or smartphone.

For some time now the games of football sent in clear text on TV are very few and often must subscribe to paid services, such as Mediaset’s digital terrestrial premium, pay-per-view Sky football, or the new online service DAZN streaming to watch your favorite team.

However, it is not the only method; Thanks to foreign TVs that stream on the Internet the  matches of the Serie A, the Champions League, the English Premiere League, the Spanish Liga and the German Bundesliga, it is possible to see for free  and legally all the  football matches  and leagues  we want .

To see free football matches on the Internet just go to one of the sites listed below, choose the match that interests us and click on the relevant link.

At this point there are two cases: An internet page with the live video of the match will open, or a software with an integrated multimedia player will open automatically where, once the loading buffer is completed, you can see the match channel.

Of course, the required program is not always the same and must be installed previously.

To find on which web page or program the match of our favorite team will be broadcast, it  is necessary to resort to those sites that, updated in real time, report, list and highlight all the sporting events that will be played during the week.

The best sites to watch football matches for free

The best websites to watch football matches in streaming

Websites list updated on 19/01/2021
In the event that some sites are not reachable, read this guide

Recently back online, the famous site offers numerous updated links to follow live football matches of all the world championships for free. In fact, you can find live streaming of football matches of Serie A, Serie B, Liga, Premier league, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Eredivisie….

This site allows you to watch all free Serie A and Serie B matches without interruption. There are also live streams of other live sporting events such as tennis, basketball and volleyball.

Site with up-to-date streaming games complete with all football events. You can see the whole Champions League and the Europa League. All the Italian Serie A and Serie B football championships are also present, as well as all the English matches and all the matches of the most important European leagues all live.

Vip League
offers a huge database constantly updated where you can find any sporting event with its link for streaming: football, tennis, motorsports, baseball, basketball, American football and many more.

This site in English allows you to watch all live sporting events from football to tennis, basketball, volleyball, rugby and extreme sports.

Site created specifically to watch Live Football, Basketball and all sporting events without having to pay a penny! You can watch the matches of Italian Serie A and Serie B and all the foreign football leagues always live!

Livesport Extremely complete
multilingual website (including Italian) that offers the Italian Serie A and Serie B football championship as well as all the English matches and all the matches of the most important European leagues all live.

the famous site offers numerous links that are always updated. Unfortunately, however, they are only streams that open in new browser windows and not through programs like Sopcast.

Uccio Calcio Tv
very interesting and well organized site. Just click on the game to view the links, and once you click on the latter, you can get information on the quality of the signal, the bitrate, the language of the broadcast, the program used and obviously the address of the streaming. At the top there is also a list of the major European teams, in order to find the most interesting matches more easily.

FirstRow Sports
the interface is very similar to that of LSHunter and the operation as well, with the links that open under the game after you click on them, but the advertising popups that open after each click are very annoying! There is also no trace of links for Sopcast and other programs.

good site as well. There are links of all kinds to watch the game in streaming. All links are grouped within a tab dedicated to the match. There are also other sports to watch in streaming such as basketball, tennis, volleyball….

Soccer Link
An excellent site always very updated, there are many sports to choose from. Very light and fast in navigation.

Calcio Online
very simple site with lots of links to watch streaming matches.

The p2p programs to watch football matches on the pc

I point out some free programs for streaming television channels.
They are p2p programs that show channels in incomprehensible languages ​​and therefore could prove to be of little use. But when used in conjunction with the sites listed above we can make a huge list of sporting events. 

Important:  Install them only if the streaming sites listed above require it to watch the game.

I recommend installing only the necessary ones, that is, those that are once requested by the website to watch the game.

Once installed, all you have to do is go to the website where the games are listed and click on the link that refers to the game you want to follow.

The corresponding program will start, let the buffer load and enjoy the game.

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